Pixabits And Arledge Comics Launch Future Girl On Kickstarter

Pixabits, in collaboration with Arledge Comics, is producing an all-ages indie comic – Future Girl – which is now available for preorder on Kickstarter. Future Girl launched July 4th – a birthday that America and the young hero share. The Kickstarter goal is $11,111 to cover production and printing of Issue #1.

Born of Democracy… Defender of Free Will… The Future Is Watching. After a fateful encounter one distant Halloween night, Future Girl discovers there’s more to being a hero than a flashy costume or billowy cape. Aided by her faithful sidekick – the ever anxious Steadfast – and guided by The Horologist – an ancient and mysterious clock maker – Future Girl stops evil in its tracks no matter where or when it may strike. She is a warrior for truth, a beacon for justice, and defender of the human spirit. These are the adventures of Future Girl.

Future Girl speaks to all of us. She is all of us. “Future Girl reminds us that our future doesn’t belong to us alone, and that it is incumbent on each of us to remember that the choices we make, good and bad, affect more than just our own lives,” says Future Girl creator and Pixabits’ founder, Ross Dannenberg. 

If you grew up watching Captain Planet or you binge watch Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? with your kids, this comic is sure to please. In the words of Miranda Davila, principal artist for Future Girl: “if someone was a fan of the old Teen Titans show, they’d like this. It’s got the same vibe, funny and action-packed but with life lessons people would take to heart.”

Back Future Girl today on Kickstarter. The Future Is Watching.

Pixabits LLC, based in Arlington, Virginia, is a nimble multimedia development company whose past projects include mobile games such as Tapdown Boxing and That Frog, kids apps such as Memory &Me and Stickers &Me, and political satire including the Beltway Boxing series on iOS and the Trumpxit Prize charity giveaway online at www.Trumpxit.com

Arledge Comics, based in Port Orchard, Washington, is no stranger to indie comics or Kickstarter. Credits include previously Kickstarted titles – such as Alex Priest and Black Gold – and the popular webcomics The Martyrs, and Chaos from Mindless Designs. 

To learn more, check out Future Girl on Kickstarter, online at www.TheFutureIsWatching.us

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