Author Jimmy Stalikas Depicts Love for Animals and Humanity in his Novel

To love and be loved in return – that is the ultimate goal of Sweeney, a Chihuahua puppy whose owners are violent and abusive. Despite the pains and sufferings she endure in the house of misery, her friend King, a German Shepherd, stands by her side and keeps her spirit up. Will she ever find love or will she lose her faith in humanity?

Join Sweeney in this harrowing but inspiring adventure that takes her to the badness and goodness of humanity. In Jimmy Stalikas’ Rocket and the Construction Worker, Sweeney/Rocket, the main character meets different animals and human friends who affect her disposition in life in more ways than one. An animal who is always worried about everyone else except herself, Sweeney/Rocket exemplifies the real essence of love in its many forms.

Jimmy Stalikas designed the plot in a way that readers can actually visualize all the characters as well as feel their spirit and personalities at the same time. Although the book is designed for young readers and pet owners, it can definitely be enjoyed by readers of all ages  for it delivers a compelling and profound message to cherish life and be a winner.

“The book is something that is hard to put down and will surely be cherished for a long time”.

Jimmy is also the author of  “Beneath the Tracks” which is the fastest moving adventure thrill novel that would change one’s views on subway commuting.

It’s a day like any other day- people from different places as far as Albany, New Jersey, and Washington get on the subway and as usual complain and curse the MTA for the inconveniences they encounter on the train. Many are late for work because of the track work but no one can do anything about it for it is the price of living in the city.

However, unknown to many, chaos is all burning beneath the tracks: a chaos which is  so critical that it could cause thousands of lives if someone decides to end everything on this ordinary day. Beneath the Tracks is a heart-stopping novel that could change one’s attitude towards workers in the mass transit and give them extra respect and gratitude.

“This is where twelve strangers come together and begin a new life—something that happens once in a lifetime.”

Set in an area where people from all walks of life meet at the start and end of their day- the MTA, the novel depicts the life, honor, and courage of the transit workers.

“Once you get to the meat of the story, the excitement never lets up and you would never want to stop turning the pages”.

Jimmy Stalikas

Rocket and the Construction Worker

Beneath the Tracks

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