Brian Geisel talks practical, pragmatic cloud security at North Carolina’s IoT Slam conference

The CEO of award-winning Geisel Software dished out realistic, achievable steps to keep cloud-connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices safe from hackers and other dangers.

Research Triangle Park, NC – July 11, 2017 – Brian Geisel, CEO and founder of one of America’s top embedded software companies, dazzled the crowd at North Carolina’s IoT Slam Conference late last month by offering sensible ideas for protecting cloud-connected devices. The former radio host who counts iRobot, Carbon Black and Tufts University on his client list, spoke on defending web services in the cloud and building a secure architecture for web-connected devices – from the very start.  

“This was my second year as a speaker at IoT Slam, and I was thrilled to talk about something that affects so many lives today. From connected thermostats to IV pumps, keeping data secure as it flows back and forth is critical,” says Geisel. “By doing even a few basic things, you can boost your chances of protecting your IoT data from intruders. I was honored to share on this important topic.”

Geisel and his development team routinely take on challenging IoT projects for health care companies, cutting-edge data security companies and even robot manufacturers. Developing cloud apps, mobile apps and device software and firmware, the Geisel team is currently writing IoT code for some exciting robotic and healthcare applications.

About Geisel Software

Worcester, MA-based Geisel Software is an established, trusted provider of embedded software and IoT solution for some of the world’s most imaginative companies. While embedded software is the company’s specialty, the team also develops iOS, Android and web apps. Established in 2011 by Brian Geisel, the company now has an office in the famed Higgins Armory. Per Geisel, “It’s hard to imagine a better place for a modern software development company, tasked with arming your software against present-day threats of all kinds. While nations once battled nations with swords and shields, today even your software may be attacked by nation-state level threats. Chain mail and steel shields have been replaced with secured software and strong encryption.”

To find out more on Geisel Software, visit or call (508) 853-5310.

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