Rublix Uses Modern Tools to Support the Decentralized Market

Blockchain technology brings the vision of a bankless society to life

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA – 12 Jul, 2017 – Rublix is a unique platform designed to eliminate the most common risks and issues in the world of decentralized markets. By providing a layer of transparency while building an elite community of backers, Rublix seeks to grow trust in newcomers who may be intimidated by the volatile nature of the crypto market.

Rublix offers several state-of-the-art tools to help investors tap the full potential of crypto currencies. One of these tools, called Hedge, fosters an atmosphere of trust among investors by rewarding them for offering credible investment tips. This tool fills a need in the crypto market for trustworthy financial advice. As the Rublix team says: “Trust is the most important factor when doing profitable investments. These days we have these supposedly credible Analysts giving their opinions which should be taken with a grain of salt. Big time investment firms these days will set you up with so called ‘financial advisors’ who have studied a one-month online course and likely don’t even know anything about true investing.” An advanced algorithm powers a recommendation system that gives awards to those who contribute profitable advice.

Another helpful tool, Centurio, provides real-time conversion to any currency along with an efficient CPU mining system. The system shows clients the conversion of any foreign exchange or, crypto dollar to RBLX, making it easier for them to calculate how much they need to send. It is compatible with Windows-based systems and makes it easy for users to contribute to the Rublix ecosystem through mining.

TradersEdge, a powerfully efficient web-based trading platform, serves as a valuable gateway to the crypto community. As coin adoption constantly evolves, it can be difficult for new and seasoned traders to keep up. This powerful tool makes the crypto market more inviting to newbies so that they too can take full advantage of bringing their trading into this fast-growing community.

Although blockchain technology has been around for years, it is still considered revolutionary. Very few in the crypto community use this technology to its full potential. The decentralized market has a $100 billion market cap, and thus has lots more room to grow.

This technology offers a host of benefits to users. Lower exchange fees facilitate trading among large cap cryptos on the market. An advanced block explorer shows and logs realtime transaction data. And asset management makes participation in the decentralized market more appealing to newcomers.

The Rublix platform was built by some of the best designers and coders in the world. The team is still working on bringing their vision to life, and posted the following recent update on their blog: “The road ahead although long, is looking very bright. Our small team has put well over 3000 hours into the current state of our projects since late 2016 and we are happy to see all the feedback from the community.”

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