Inside Sales Growth Fuels Need for More Sales Development Reps

ST. PAUL, MN – 12 Jul, 2017 – Companies continue to migrate to inside sales models, increasing the need for specialized positions such as sales development representatives. That brings with it a need to make sure SDRs have the tools they need.

A study completed by in 2013 projected that the number of inside sales jobs will outpace field sales jobs by 2020. U.S. Department of Labor statistics and research from estimates the growth at 750,000 net new inside sales jobs, nearly three times the expected job creation rate of traditional field sales.

What is fueling the growth? Experts state a variety of reasons including companies shifting resources from more expensive field sales. Businesses are under pressure to cut costs, and estimates state an outside sales call costs $308 compared to $50 for an inside sales call.

The digital era also allows customers to become more informed on their own. Often B2B buyers do their own research and are more than halfway through making a decision before they engage with a sales representative. They are more comfortable communicating through online channels including social media, email and Skype.

Not only are inside sales taking the lead, but inside sales teams are becoming more specialized to increase effectiveness. Teams allocate functions like generating, qualifying and managing leads to different roles. Among these roles is the sales development representative who qualifies leads, moving them into and through the sales funnel.

Consider how leads are pouring into that funnel through various means including outreach efforts, inbound marketing and advertising. SDRs start the process by talking with these leads and seeing if they’re ripe for converting to customers or have no intention of buying. They engage with potential customers through phone outreach, emails and social media.

Using different channels of communication lets SDRs meet customers where they are. Advances in technology like OppSource sales development software increase their contact rates, call times and productivity, ultimate increasing overall sales activity. The software improves their ability to funnel qualified leads to account executives so the account executives can close more deals.

The OppSource PursuitPro sales development platform, founded by three B2B sales and marketing veterans, enables SDRs to deliver account-based sales ready opportunities primed for conversion. The software lets SDRs create phone, email, voicemail and social touch points that let them consistently stay on top of leads. Moment-of-interest alerts empowers them to connect with prospects when they are most interested in buying, improving connect rates by up to 9 times.

As inside sales teams continue to flourish, sales development platforms like OppSource give them the tools they need to deliver results. For more information on OppSource and how the software empowers SDRs, visit its website at or call 1-877-742-8880.

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