New tech solution claiming to save 1M plus lives aims to reach Bill Gates through Indiegogo

Melbourne-Australia based techie has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo to reach up to Bill Gates for the funding of his innovative tech solution that can save millions of lives all over the world.

Melbourne, Victoria – July 12, 2017 – Melbourne-based (currently camping in New York) visionary tech-entrepreneur Tom Ang has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo to reach up to Bill Gates to support his revolutionary tech solution. Designed to save 1M plus lives, the tech system is devised to help humans to neutralize destructive energy in every single person all over the world. Tom has already launched its prototype, an app named “Amigoals”, which is available in Apple and GooglePlay Store.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise around $20,000 within 21 days. The project will help to fund Tom’s marketing campaign to connect to Bill Gates.Tom Ang also has plans to reach up to other famous unicorn techies and their philanthropy organizations like ChanZuckerberg Initiatives, Google Boys, Atlassian dudes (fellow Aussies), Peter Theil and the tech AI (Artificial Intelligence) players (like Georgia Tech and GoodAI).

“The most destructive force in human beings is subconscious fear. We often refuse talking about it and use irrational reasons and excuses to avoid facing it. Some resort to drugs and alcohols to get rid of subconscious fear – but it doesn’t go away that way. In fact, we cannot ever release ourselves from subconscious fear if we are unable to neutralize this destructive force. And, our breakthrough tech solution comes as a lifesaver here. Unfortunately, we, the humans, don’t invest much to prevent the destructive force in us. Have we forgotten that prevention is actually better and much cheaper than cure? Well, it’s time to bring back that good sense and our system is designed to do the same. It is exclusively formulated to make people accept the existence of this destructive energy and further work towards neutralizing it at its root. But such a high profile project demands robust fund support and hence we need to reach out to somebody as great as Bill Gates to back our project. It again calls for solid marketing on our side and hence this crowdfunding campaign. Your generous support would be much appreciated”, stated Tom Ang. 

Speaking further he said that acceptance of the existence of subconscious fear is the first step to the neutralization of this destructive energy. The moment a person accepts his/her own fear and realizes that “fear” is basically a human-made thing drilled into the subconscious – the “fear” quotient begins losing out on its potency. This way, the subconscious mind gains the power not to self-abuse itself any more and think more rationally about things around.

Apart from the app, the tech solution will be composed of 3 other elements- a Google-like search engine where people can search for intimate fear and how to get rid of it; a Facebook-like social platform where users can socialize and discuss the related concerns freely & widely; an advanced Artificial-Intelligence system (or VR-like feature) that will make things more engaging with games and humor. 

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“Our tech solution is very complicated and hence would need extensive coding but if done as formulated – it will help to save millions of lives across the globe. Thus, we need veteran techies to look after the state of the art technical aspect of the project. And we need your help here to reach out to them. Let’s join hands to free the world from destructive energy.”

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