NexGen adds Sydney Opera House to list of high-profile projects

Canadian wood protection company NexGen Ecoatings Inc. wins coveted contract to protect all the wood used in the renovation of the iconic Sydney Opera House. The company is globally renowned for its unique, eco-friendly wood protection technology which is available with full warranties for fire, insects, mold and rot.

VANCOUVER, BC – 12 JULY, 2017 – Award-winning NexGen has won the prestigious contract for wood treatments for the Sydney Opera House. The company is fast gaining worldwide recognition for its industry-changing eco-friendly wood protection technology which costs substantially less yet does much more than traditional wood treatments. 

Actor and philanthropist Brad Pitt trusted NexGen for his rebuilding projects in New Orleans’ 9th Ward after Hurricane Katrina; the Panama Canal Expansion Project, the largest construction project in history, used vast amounts of NexGen; and Europe’s tallest wood-clad building protected all of that cladding with NexGen. 

“It’s truly a great honor for us that NexGen has been chosen to safeguard the lives of all future patrons of the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic structures in the world, and the very fact that the SOH team chose NexGen to protect all the wood speaks to the unmatched protection and reputation of our revolutionary, eco-friendly technology”, stated Robert Seaman, the President & CEO of NexGen.

“Projects of this size and stature are wonderful. However, our goal at NexGen is to have every home, workplace, and school protected in an environmentally ethical and inexpensive way… because we have the technology to do so.”

Using NexGen, the 2015 ADEX Platinum Award winner for Design Excellence, is both user-friendly and economical. Only a single coat of NexGen is required, and this single application can be done in basically any manner, such as brushing, rolling, spraying, flood coating, dipping, and even extremely light pressure treatment. 

“Independent, audited testing conclusively proves that a coating can indeed provide a lifetime of protection,” Mr. Seaman continued. “NexGen offers the construction industry an option vastly different from the costly, hazardous chemicals they thought were the only choices, yet at a fraction of the cost AND fully warranted – at no extra charge.”

In fact, NexGen is the only company in the world that offers wood protection productswith a global, 3rd party insurance package for fire. Adding to this unique fire insurance, NexGen also protects property owners with a full warranty for the prevention of rot, mold and insect infestation, and the warranty period is either 50 years (covered areas) or 30 years (exterior use).

Mr. Seaman also stressed that NexGen products can even be free for property owners.

“With NexGen you can have the ultimate protection for your entire home at virtually no cost” Mr. Seaman stated.  “First, NexGen products are very inexpensive compared to traditional treatments – using NexGen adds less than 1 percent to total building cost for any new home. Further, by using NexGen you can often receive discounts on home owner’s insurance. So the cost of using NexGen can be offset by the reduced insurance rate, effectively making it free.” 

The company is quickly laying claim to being the go-to product for wood protection across the globe. From Vancouver to Dubai, from Shanghai to New York, and now to Sydney, NexGen boasts clientele on almost every continent.

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