New Tornado Waterslide Opening November 2017

Geelong, Victoria – Adventure Park is a water-based theme park that is drawing in the crowds thanks to its many attractions and fun rides. Adventure Park boasts being Victoria’s biggest waterpark—a title they plan to hold on to after they introduce the crowds to their latest attraction, the Tornado Waterslide coming November of 2017.

Everyone deserves a holiday every now and then and for most families travelling to a new destination, themes park are almost always a ‘must-do’ on their travel itinerary. Different locations celebrate their parks and theme rides, however, when a family makes the trip to Geelong in Victoria, then a stop to Adventure Park should be at the top of the to-do list for a plethora of reasons. Even families that live in Victoria have few reasonsnot to visit. With the park’s newest waterslide, Adventure Park will undoubtedly draw in the crowds. The park is looking even more appealing with its newest attraction making a debut after the park opens its doors again for the season. Those who stop by the park in November will have the first opportunity to ride this massive slide and they won’t be disappointed.

With $3.5 million dollars invested in the construction of the ride, the Tornado will be Victoria’s longest and biggest waterslide to date. Passengers will soon be plunging into the storm and circling into the eye of it from 5 stories up. It’s a great family ride thanks to the four-person raft that would be used to ride out the storm. With the many twists, turns and dips built into the slide, riders will have moments of weightlessness and lurching stomachs that will only work to enhance the thrill. Park goers will not be disappointed in the outcome of this park expansion.

Travellers, tourists and park goers alike will be piling into Adventure Park to ride some of their favourites this season, but they will also be there to check out the newest addition to the Adventure Park line-up. While there are many new rides to enjoy, the Tornado is a game changer meant for the truly adventurous. Park goers should expect to be blown away by the size and overall thrill of this ride.

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