July 12, 2017 – Florida – The Great Awakening, a new Delray Beach-based sobriety and halfway house implementation, development, and management company that works specifically to provide community members with access to constant, dedicated, and community-oriented rehabilitation after addiction, this week reflected on their first 2-months in business since their official opening this past May.

Uniquely positioned in a community that houses the most drug rehabilitation centers in the entire country, the Great Awakening set out to offer a halfway housing option, as opposed to the sober living and transitional homes that are lacking in medical and emotional support.

“There is a huge difference between transitional houses and halfway houses,” said Mike, Founder and Owner of The Great Awakening. “Transitional homes exist to help typical ex-prisoners readjust in society. Those suffering from addiction need a lot more than that. They need communal support, access to resources, and professional counseling that will help put them back on track. After 2-months working to provide just that, we are incredibly encouraged by the community’s initial response to our operation.”

Transitional homes are marked by their danger, presenting violent situations perpetuated by prisoners living within close quarters. Additionally, many of these prisoners leave jail with some kind of substance abuse. Those living in the homes that are seeking some kind of dependency support are likely to slip back into rampant addiction in this environment.

Delray Beach, Florida, presently has a huge void with regards to licensing and regulation of the halfway homes and transitional homes. The Great Awakening recognized the problem, and pledged to provide a fully functioning solution that will help many achieve the sober lifestyle they so desperately seek.

“Our team has over 10-years of counseling education and experience, working with a variety of individuals past their addictions,” said Mike. “”We work to help addicts not only get sober, but to also maintain a productive and sustainable sober life moving forward. Local volunteers and resource donations have helped us to exceed expectations during these first 2-months, and we couldn’t do it without our Delray Beach support. Spread the word on the availability of our halfway home safe havens, and head on over to our website to learn more about The Great Awakening.”

The Great Awakening is a FARR Member, which ensures all individuals are interacting with licensed and verified, safe environment. This acknowledgment means that the Great Awakening works hard to address every part of the addiction rehabilitation process. Above all, the facility ensures affordable pricing so those that need help can actually obtain it.

For more information, visit: http://www.greatawakeninginc.com/.

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