First ‘Live & Online Coaching Platform’ In The World

Can you imagine to have a live meditation session with a Guru from India, a yoga practice with an inspiring coach like Keith Mitchell or check out a live motivational speech from someone like Tony Robbins? The online platform Think BIG made it possible; instead of traveling to India, going to a yoga studio or book an expensive ticket, you can now do online sessions at home just from behind your laptop. The platform currently has twelve inspiring trainers from South-Africa, India, The Netherlands and Nepal who offer a variation of mediation, yoga and motivational training sessions.

It all started three years ago when Nadine Witteman and Raoul Milhado came up with a new concept: an inspiring workshop for people who wanted to turn their dreams into goals. The name of the workshop became Think BIG, which stands for Believe, Integrate, Grow. After a few successful workshops the duo wanted to do something bigger, which is logical if you look at the name of the concept.

They wanted to reach the whole world and there’s only one possible way of achieving this; it’s by building an online platform where their exclusive knowledge and fascinating holistic tools are being shared with individuals and organizations. The core feature of the platform is providing live training sessions through the webcam in order to reach everyone’s highest potential. Their mission is to sign up the most unique inspirers & coaches from all over the world to offer people the most exclusive and inspiring content.

One of the founders is Nadine Witteman. She’s an experienced life coach, trainer, writer, illustrator and entrepreneur based in Amsterdam. Nadine: ‘Our amazing group of inspiring coaches will guide and support you through live streaming coaching & webinar sessions.Our coaches are coming from different backgrounds and they all have years of experience in multiple fields such like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, personal coaching, motivational speaking, health & personal growth and a lot more.

We strongly believe that focusing on personal development and creating consciousness in combination with a positive mindset is key for big quality of life.’

The team is working on something very unique, something what the world really needs right now. They want to make this world a better place and now it is the right time. People are getting smarter, more aware and self-conscious.

But only with the help and support of others, they can take this concept to the next level and beyond. But nobody can do it alone, we need to do it together. Therefore the Think BIG Team started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to raise more funding. The funding will be invested in bringing the platform to a next level; enabling it for all mobile phones as well. Once that’s being realized the platform is ready and accessible for everybody on the planet and Think BIG can continue her big mission!

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Company Name: Think BIG
Contact Person: Raoul Milhado
Phone: +31 6 24 707 467
Country: Netherlands