Pxier releases new, customizable, a real time and money saving catering management software!

Pxier, the leading Canadian-based tech savvy company offering state of the art solutions for catering company, has announced the official launch of a simple, yet powerful new catering tool that lets users streamline and organize their day to day operations and improve efficiency.

“Our new Pxier catering software is easy to use, gives users access anytime and anywhere using most browser-enabled devices with internet access,” said Ajai Mangari, the enterprising entrepreneur, and CEO of Pxier.

The new cloud-based Pxier catering software solution is designed to help the USA and Canadian-based hotel and restaurant managers manage their catering business needs from inquiry through lead management, customer management, contract, invoicing, payment, customer feedback and more.

Built on cutting edge technology, this new Pxier catering solution was created to help users perform well even with slow internet connections. According to Mangari, their technical experts will manage all the software day to day activities behind the scene, including backups, hardware and software maintenance, and upgrades. Additionally, their dedicated support team will also ensure all issues are resolved quickly to users’ satisfaction.

“Besides, there’s no hardware to purchase or software to install, it simply calls for users to login when needed. Pxier’s cloud-based design means users can now have all their business data at their fingertips to help make informed decisions quickly,” added Mangari.

The Pxier CEO further noted Pxier cloud-based catering business software can both organize and manage all food and beverage menu data quickly. Users will also find it has the flexibility to create menu master to choose from or build a menu on the fly. This feature offers the ability to include pricing and cost for a menu. Menu creation is made very simple via Pxier trademark menu wizard.

“In addition to its easy to use an option that lets users simply cut and paste item details to create the menu saving significant amount time., the Pxier catering management software also has the facility to add individual comments for catering event order to make sure all details are captured and available to the kitchen. In addition, Pxier also offers easy option to create an additional menu item or nutritional details,” explained Mangari. He added that the Pxier catering software also allows users to set other nutritional details or ingredient information for each menu item.

An additional benefit of the new Pxier Catering software over the competition is that is come packed with a whole lot of configuration options that can be used to simplify users’ operations. For example, Pxier can be used to configure tax rate for all menu across the board or option to configure different tax rate for an individual menu. Users can also use the software to create custom menu units to fit users business needs, such as generating the work order for the kitchen or use to access menu and setup details for an event. According to the software spokesperson, it is designed to work with both internal and external caterers and offers an option for kitchen staff to access event menu details in real-time.

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