E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Wholesales And Retails A Wide Range Of LED Lights from Hong Kong

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a supplier of a huge range of LED lights and LED lighting solutions from Hong Kong. The company was formed in the year 2002 and started trading across the world in the year 2006.

LED lights and the kind of varieties on offer at the moment are completely remarkable. Options range from small to enterprise lighting solutions. The addition of smart technology has further enhanced the capabilities that come along LED products. There are several manufacturers that are from China and are involved in production of innovative range of LED lighting solutions. One company that is involved in wholesale of LED lights from Hong Kong is E-Top (HK) Technology Limited. The company was established in the year 2002 and ever since then, it has grown into a well-known supplier from the country.

It has expanded globally with its branch being established in India and UK. They are not only known for covering the basic LED lighting systems but are also well-known for their strategic contracts for lighting large hotels by groups like Hiton, Hyatt, Raffles, Sheraton, etc. Additionally, the company is involved in offering modernized enterprise that develops, manufactures, sells and services LED lights. Stressing more on building long term relationships the company today has a long list of regular buyers and brands. They also keep adding new products from time to time which are engineered by their dedicated team of R&D professionals. There is a separated department for carrying out R&D for LED light bulbs for clients to cater to even custom requirements.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Wholesales And Retails A Wide Range Of LED Lights from Hong Kong

For each customer, the company has a dedicated sales manager who is responsible for communicating and answering all kinds of queries on behalf of the company. These include updating status, offering quotations, managing orders and ensuring timely delivery. Additionally, there is a dedicated customer care unit that can also be reached when needed. In order to check out their products, customers can visit the online shopping portal. It displays detailed information about the kind of LED lights and LED Strips that the company has been offer and is capable to offer. Moreover, customers can also order test samples to evaluate the quality of any of the product that they would like to order in bulk from the company. Each of these products has been well-categorized for customers to conveniently browse through them and have an idea about the product range. To let the customers stay updated about the company developments and its new releases, the website features a dedicated News section too.

About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a supplier of a wide variety of LED products from Hong Kong. Their product range not only includes the basic lighting systems but also introduces the smart lighting systems. The company has been catering to global customers for the past 20 years and has built its branches in India and United Kingdom. For more details please visit their website.

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Company Name: E-Top (HK) Technology Limited
Contact Person: Mr. Ricky Y. Tse (MBA)
Email: ricky@etoptechltd.com
Phone: +852-6814-7203
Country: HongKong
Website: http://www.etoptechltd.com