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San Francisco, California Social networking sites have become reputable as avenues for meeting people online. Granted that 73% of US adults have social media accounts, it is easy to see why these are used in other ways. Its boom allowed businesses to flourish due to its higher market reach as compared to other advertising channels. Moreover, other social networking sites are integrated with other online services and are utilized as substitutes for back office support. This saves operating expenses without hurting business operations. With more people seeking connections online, RecordLinc is a website dentists can use to market and manage their dental services.

“It can be frustrating when dentists find themselves doing paper works instead of performing their duties. RecordLinc recognizes the need for a simple, consumer-friendly program that allows dental professionals to spend more time with their patients and less time performing duties from behind a desk. We also recruited leading software developers to address their needs through a working product where dentists can perform administrative tasks with ease,” said Dr. Greg Burnett, DDS, the RecordLinc spokesperson. The website does not only work for booking dental services, but also as a recordkeeping system for dentists.

RecordLinc works similar to a social media website where viewers can book services of their chosen dentist. Currently, the website has over 140,000 members composed of dental professionals, making this the largest network of its kind. RecordLinc creates and saves patient records, and can be sent from one doctor to another. This proves useful when there are patient transfers among users, and when securing electronic referrals. Dentists need not worry about privacy laws as the platform is certified HIPAA-compliant. Similar to other social networking sites, RecordLinc also has a messaging system where users can communicate in real time.

The website works similar to LinkedIn, only that this is exclusive for dentists. Many already signed up, created their profiles, and are reaping its benefits. For instance,Alan Farber DDS, Frederic Norkin DMD, and Victor Sternberg DMD established an extension of their services in RecordLinc. There, patients can fill out online forms and schedule appointments even before visiting their respective clinics. Interested viewers, on the other hand, can look for reviews on how their former patients think of their services.

RecordLinc has modes an interested dentist can utilize upon signing up. A free version provides the bare basics while he can avail its full services upon paying monthly fees. Interested clients can visit their website at

RecordLinc’s office is located at 15 Rico Way, San Francisco, California.

They can be reached by telephone at (415) 749-1444 or via email at

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Company Name: RecordLinc
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