Website raises broad alien intervention theory to entertain conspiracy theorists

Adherents of conspiracy theory can find plenty of intrigue on a website that provides evidence of alien manipulation of human history.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – 13 Jul, 2017 – It is unclear just how many people believe in unverifiable conspiracies. They could number in the millions, perhaps tens of millions. They range from people who believe that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by his own government to those who think their government is covering up UFO crashes. There are many other alleged conspiracies and a website now adds a new one to the list: our contemporary society was impelled by literature introduced into our world by an extraterrestrial visitor of the 7th century.

Extraterrestrial Intervention: Connections, a website created by paranormal investigator Morten St. George, assigns interventionist intentions to a single alien astronaut. It’s a complex theory having many manifestations:

During the 7th century:

In the Andes, the alien physically appears to the inhabitants of Tiwanaku and is responsible for the creation of the Nazca Lines.

In Arabia, the alien creates a hologram of the archangel Gabriel to transmit the Quran to Muhammad.

In Babylonia, the alien creates a hologram of the prophet Elijah to deliver a book of revelations (prophecies) to Cabalists.

During medieval times:

The alien’s prophecies strongly influence Cabalistic beliefs.

The alien’s prophecies are for a time attributed to a wizard called Merlin.

During the Renaissance:

The alien’s prophecies inspire the creation of a secret society called the Fraternity of the Rose Cross.

The Rosicrucians arrange for the publication of the Nostradamus prophecies incorporating into it some of the alien’s prophecies.

The alien’s prophecies inside Nostradamus strongly influence the plays of William Shakespeare.

During the 20th century:

Many of the alien’s prophecies are seen to reflect contemporary events.

During the 21st century:

The alien’s astronomy prophecies enable calculation of the galactic coordinates of a potential alien signal.

According the St. George, conspiracy theories are not necessarily groundless: “For example, in the official report on the JFK assassination, there was an incredulous magic bullet that cannot help but give rise to suspicions of conspiracy. Likewise, there is evidence, often very strong evidence, to support every aspect of alien intervention. This is what distinguishes conspiracy theory from fake news.”

About Morten St. George

In addition to his websites, St. George has authored many articles that were widely circulated on the Internet. He also has a book about the Nostradamus prophecies to his credit: Incantation of the Law Against Inept Critics.

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