Think the FMCSA ELD Mandate Sucks? We’ll sell you one anyway. On the cheap.

We are sympathetic to the impact ELDs will have on your business. But that doesn’t stop you from having to get one, so, GeoSpace Labs ( as created the closest match to the current paper process the new regulations will allow. For a one-time purchase of $169.

FORT COLLINS, CO – 13 Jul, 2017 – Truckers have been keeping paper Hours of Service logs for years. However, starting at the end of 2017 they will be required to keep them on an electronic device, and to present the device and their logs for inspection at roadside on request. Many vendors have flooded the market with ‘get-rich-quick’ type schemes where they have the drivers pay outrageous monthly subscription fees to access this new required logging capability.

GeoSpace Labs, on the other hand, has a certified ELD system that you simply buy for $169. While other vendors are attempting to entice drivers with low monthly payments, they require contracts for multiple years, and there is no guarantee that they won’t raise the price once a driver is locked into their system. With a one-time upfront purchase, drivers know what they are getting and can get on with their lives. Using the Geowiz ELD, driver save hundreds of dollars in the first year and thousands of dollars for the rest of their career.

Further, many ELD vendors have products that simply do not work. At GeoSpace Labs, we get dozens of phone calls every day and end up converting drivers over to our system because, well, it actually works, and has been in the field for over three years. Plus, it is very simple and emulates the paper process as closely as the new regs allow.

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Buy an ELD and get on with your life!

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