22-year-old skater rollerblades 7,000 miles+ to empower women

The Bladress prepares to conquer Europe in 7,000+ mile journey on rollerblades, setting new world record and building schools for girls.

LOS ANGELES, CA – 13 Jul, 2017 – In the span of 19 days Yanise Ho, a 21-year-old long distance female skater traversed over 550 miles. Known as The Bladress, she completed the journey from Savannah Georgia to Miami Florida with no money, only taking the clothes on her back. Ho did not spend any money along her 19-day trip, she relied on assistance from strangers, to host and feed her, along the trip. Her goal was to prove there is love and kindness still in the world, we just must have faith, trust and love to find it.

Ho is taking these rollerblading trips cross country and cross region to raise awareness and funds for girls in countries where education is limited and often none is offered to women. “In the following months, I will be rollerblading from San Francisco to Los Angeles, about 550 miles, to raise funds to build a school in Malawi which will help underprivileged girls receive an education. It touched my heart to receive e-mails and messages over time to inform me of how much my action has touched their hearts and influenced changes in their lives,” stated Ho when asked about her inspiration to continue this journey.

This training that Ho has been involved in is preparation for next year when she will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record while raising funds for the continued building of schools in multiple countries for underprivileged girls. Ho will embark on a 7,000 mile rollerblading trip across Europe.

“We are hoping to create a feature length documentary which will expose the audience to a new world of love, adventure, and friendships without borders.” Mentions Ho about her future.

Ho maintains her website, TheBladress.com and on Instagram where more information on her adventures, fundraising campaign, and future plans, are available.

Instagram: TheBladress

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBladress/

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