Silicon Valley First Responder Technology Startup Relocating Outside of California Due to Impending Sanctuary State Status

California has failed its First Responders and Law Enforcement; Putting Citizens in Jeopardy with the Assembly Judiciary Committee Advancing on Senate Bill 54

SANTA CLARA, CA – 13 Jul, 2017 – Kel-Lin, a Bay Area Startup serving First Responders with its Radio Ambulance technology, has determined that California’s impending ‘sanctuary state’ status is the final straw that has this Silicon Valley startup heading to a state like Texas that stands behind its Law Enforcement and looks to protect the public. As the California Senate Bill 54 sailed through the Senate and is now up before the Assembly Appropriations Committee before reaching the Assembly floor, Kel-Lin believes this action moves California even closer to violating Federal Laws and jeopardizing even further public safety. Kel-Lin has committed to immediately move the company out of California and would like to settle the Dallas/Fort Worth area or somewhere similar in values and is hoping other companies will follow suit.

“Radio Ambulance is an Emergency Alert Technology that keeps our First Responders safe while in-route to emergencies as well as provides an Emergency Alert and Disaster Response communication system that allows for instructions to be given to the public during times when natural disasters or even Cyber-attacks have taken out other means to communicate,” said Thomas Regan, CEO and Founder at Kel-Lin. “We cannot continue to operate our company in a potential Sanctuary State, that eliminates Federal Funds for those that keep us safe in time of need, especially when our target customers, First Responders such as Fire, Police and EMTs/Ambulance, depend on those funds to operate efficiently and safely. Our First Responders have seen their budgets cut time and time again and continually have been disregarded and put at risk by the politicians and special interests of California. Kel-Lin also depends on Federal Grants to outfit First Responders with Radio Ambulance as they just do not have the required funds or the much needed personnel to acquire the technology and products that allow them to operate safely. We must show our support to ‘Americas Finest’ by taking our business and tax dollars outside of California.

Make America Safe Again

Kel-Lin’s first product, Radio Ambulance, has been tested on board ambulances on both rural roads and city streets. The field trials were able to prove that the system had the range, controlled directional capabilities, over 1km range and impact on traffic flow that allowed for First Responders to increase their response times by up to 40%. These tests proved impactful on a variety of levels and the results could translate into many lifesaving events for First Responders as well as the American public. Radio Ambulance has been designed for First Responders, FEMA and Homeland Security during times of either natural disasters or attacks so that the appropriate responders can provide local, directional and up to the minute information to the public. Communication to the public is critical at the city block and neighborhood level during emergencies that require evacuations, shelter in place or even lifesaving instructions. Customized on the fly messages can be relayed via Radio Ambulance through AM/FM channels. The technology can also work seamlessly with the Emergency Alert System ( EAS) already in place across the nation as a “last mile” or pinpointed location alert system.

“As we launch this technology across the US, we have determined we must take whatever actions are necessary to support our First Responders and that includes showing our commitment to them by whatever means necessary. They put their lives on the line for us every single day and we plan to deliver on our promise to them, as well as to our supporters, to Make America Safe Again.”, said Mr. Regan. “We will accomplish this by moving the Company outside of California where Sanctuary Cities and the move towards a Sanctuary State is no longer a threat or a factor that goes against the core values of our Company and The United States of America.”

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Founded in 2016, Kel-Lin is looking to #MakeAmericaSafeAgain through technologies that support First Responders and their communities by providing the products that enable them to meet stringent guidelines that impact their Federal Funding. Kel-Lin will always be Made in the USA. The Company supports hiring of Veterans and gives back through donating to various organizations that support Fallen First Responders and their families.

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