Robby Wells speaks atop Eiffel Tower during PAA 2017

MUMBAI, INDIA – 13 Jul, 2017 – Robby Wells, the U.S. Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate for the 2020 elections who was the Guest of Honour and put-up an inspiring speech at the Paris Appreciation Awards 2017 which was held atop the iconic Wonder of the World, the Eiffel Tower. The event was organised and executed by La Marque advertising and marketing agency, Paris.

Wells appreciated the fact that this event will be recorded in history as the first ever awards programme to have been held on any Wonder of the World and chose the wonderful and iconic Eiffel Tower to formally announce and introduce himself to the world community of his 2020 US Presidential campaign, christened as RiseUp.

The august audience present at this unique awards event were spellbound by the speech which was as inspiring as it was forthright in its appeal as Wells touched upon burning issues of international concern like the Paris Agreement and global terror. He further stated that not only will America ensure and secure peace and happiness for its people. He would also look to ensure that the terror groups would be annihilated and contained in order to ensure world peace.

Satish Reddy, the Managing Director of the World News Network, under whose initiative the event was held, quipped, “We are honoured and extremely happy that the US Presidential candidate has chosen our awards event at this iconic and marvellous venue on top of the Eiffel Tower to formally announce to the international community at large and the American people back home of his election Campaign, “A big thank you to this amazing personality. World News Network wishes him stupendous success with his RiseUp Campaign.”

Name – Purpose

Head Priest Of Jain Community Shri Naypadmasagarji Maharaj Saheb – Awarded For Promoting Peace And Prosperity with Compassion

Sadhvi Mayana Shreeji – Awarded For Jainism Faith and Women-Empowerment

Sofia Bokhari – Best International Model UK

Lydia Cutler – Best Creative Director & International Fashion Show Organiser UK

Zaf Shabir – Best International Creative Director & Stylist for Fashion Shows & Shoots UK

Dr. Pradeep V. Mahajan – Excellence in Stem Cell Therapy

Sharad Jain – Ethical Fund Manager

Vishal kapoor – Ex UP Member of Film Development Council

Mukesh Mehta – IBJA Best Jewellery Association Of the Year in India

Manish Shah – Leadership in Community Development

Sanjay Shah – Excellence in Garments Industry

Ushik Gala – Excellence in Garments Industry

Dr BK Modi – Leadership in Philantropic Work in India and Beyond

Dhruvin Shah – Best Debutant Actor for Gujrati film

Nareshbhai Zaveri – Creation of Excellence in Diamond Industry

Mahendra Turakhia – Creation of Excellence in Global Businesses

Virendra P. Shah – Excellence in Community Upliftment

Jayesh Umaidmal Kala – Excellence as a Professional

Mr Jitendra Surana – Excellence as a Professional

Rajan Narayan Bandelkar – Emerging Indian Realty Icon

Yashvardhan Jain – Excellence in Investment Banking & Analysis

World Movie Distribution – Best Movie Distribution Company of the Year

La Marque – Best Advertising Agency of the Year in Europe

Scribes PR – Best PR Agency and Media Manangement

Swati Sharma – Best Singing Talent of the Year

Sarah – First Child as Brand Endorser on top of Wonder of the World Eiffel Tower

Taranjit Singh – Leadership in Imparting All-round Education in India

Sangeeta Babbani – Award for Contemporary Artist (Painter)

Vipul Badani – Sportwear Brand SILVERTRAQ

Gitanjali Taneja – Innovative Tea Blends for Mind and Body

Mona O’Hearn – Excellence as a Professional

Michael O’Hearn – Best Looking and Fit Actor

Sue Wong – Excellence as a Professional

Anurag Kashyap – Best Bollywood Director

Pradeep Sharma – Best Financial Advisor for Bollywood Movies

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