Sal Luciano (Nephew of Charles “Lucky” Luciano) Praises New Book “A Day in Prison” by John Fuller

NEW YORK, NY – 13 Jul, 2017 – John Fuller’s latest book “A Day in Prison” has been hailed as the criminal justice story that no one has told before. The book is not only being praised by legal experts and criminal justice specialists, but also by those who have experienced the impacts of crime firsthand. Sal Luciano, nephew of infamous mob boss Charles “Lucky” Luciano, recently declared the book a must-read for anyone who has a loved one entering the prison system, or for anyone who is going to be incarcerated themselves.

“It was difficult for me to read this, as it brings back memories I have long worked to forget. I commend John for this effort, and I would recommend ‘A Day in Prison’ to anyone entering prison, as well as to the families who have someone going into the system,” Luciano said of the book.

The book offers a unique insight into prison life, moving hour-by-hour through a complete day in the prison system. It identifies the different interactions that prisoners have with various inmates, guards and others, while also offering insight into the culture of daily prison life. This informative book not only provides disturbing and sometimes laughable daily encounters between Fuller and his fellow inmates but a glossary with over 100 prison terms including resourceful agencies for family members of those incarcerated in addition to male and female inmates who will enter society at some point. Fuller, a former inmate who was incarcerated for 12 years, offers a realistic glimpse into the system along with his co-writer Holly Lorincz.

Released on July 4, the book has already been nominated for an award. It is available as a hard-cover book for $22.99, but readers also can conveniently purchase it in e-book format for their preferred mobile devices.

In addition to working on his latest book, Fuller also advocates for prisoners and offers insight into the criminal justice system through his public speaking engagements. He uses his own story of experiencing incarceration and ultimately learning to rise above his past mistakes to provide people with inspiration for growth and development. He encourages people to make positive life changes that will allow them to maximize their potential, regardless of the challenges that they are currently facing.

Beyond his public speaking engagements, Fuller also offers prison coaching services. He works directly with inmates to help them mentally prepare and get their affairs in order prior to entering the prison system. He strongly encourages anyone entering prison for the first time to use this time to better themselves. He also offers mentoring and life skills training during rentry from prison.

To learn more about Fuller’s prison coaching services or to inquire about his public speaking engagement availability, visit his website at

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