The Top Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Center in Los Angeles

Beverly Hills, California – Synergy focuses on making sure their clientspearly whites are in tip top shape. Synergy OMS is there for their clients, working together to make sure that their clients are given the best smile andthe full focus that it should get.

At Synergy OMS, the company prides themselves on their employees. The head doctor has been practicing surgery since 1993. Additionally, the second oral surgeon is committed to the concept of mixing advanced technology and his clinical expertise to offer the highest level of care. This oral surgeon was also part of the first class of surgeons to be trained in the United States for the newest applications of implant dentistry.

Dr. Vladimir Polyakov also strives to combine a high-level care with new technology that is coming into the industry to offer the best possible help. That is why Synergy OMS is the top dental implant and oral surgeon center in Los Angeles.

Synergy OMS offer a great range of services like dental implants and different styles of oral surgeries. They also offer wisdom teeth removal, bone grafting, impacted canines, oral pathology, facial trauma and TMJ disorder.

This company offer services to their patients that the competitors don’t, they strive to have someone on hand while open who is available to offer any type of insight or reassurance when it comes to the wisdom teeth consultation. They also have someone on hand for themore timid patients. This company makes sure to keep the patient informed at all times.

During the consultations,they make sure to focus on giving the patients a one-on-one approach to collaborate and determine their needs. They make sure to work with the general dentists as well as the orthodontists to help treat the problems easily and efficiently.

This company has three oral surgeons on staff to offer the best services to the clients possible. They make sure that the patients are well informed and actively involved in the treatment options and will help them make a better choice with their options. They also are here to make sure that their patients are having an easy recovery and achieve better postoperative results.

If anyone is having a problem with their smiles, Synergy OMS is the best company to reach out to in the Beverly Hills area.

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