SolarBotanic Aims to Change the Energy Landscape with Growing Use of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

London, UK – The fuel cell technology has begun to go places. The humble hydrogen fuel cell keeps operations low cost, clean and reliable even in times of no power. Giving another push to the regenerative hydrogen fuel cell (RHFC) is SolarBotanic, a UK-based green energy company known for its radical innovations with concepts such as the ‘energy tree’.

Renewable power derived from sources such as solar and wind power is widely used across the world. The hydrogen fuel cell is the next best thing to happen to the energy sector, now used to energize warehouses, forklifts, telecom backup supplies and homes and businesses. With trains, ships and vehicles in Europe now at the trial stage for using hydrogen as their fuel, the future of energy is now knocking on the doors.

The regenerative hydrogen fuel cell stores extra energy produced by wind and solar farms, and can be used virtually anywhere. Needing only water to produce energy, the hydrogen cell can be regenerated and lasts for ten days as a standalone source of power. Apart from leaving no emissions during operation and very less carbon footprint during production, the hydrogen fuel cell also comes with a very low levelised cost of energy (LCOE).

There are several advantages of using regenerative hydrogen fuel cell power systems. They can be scaled up, with run times ranging from a few seconds to several months, and require very low maintenance or remote monitoring. The operating costs are low with a long lifetime, there are zero emissions, and no toxic waste or noise produced during use. Easy to install and taking a smaller space, the hydrogen fuel cells can also be integrated with existing power supply.

The larger market trends point towards the growing popularity of hydrogen fuel cells. Their market size is expected to reach $40 billion by 2020. Today thousands of Japanese households use them for power and heat, and over 10,000 forklifts in the US are using hydrogen to save on costs and reduce carbon footprint. Among other users are data centers, telecom towers and transportation. Solar Botanic is therefore focused on using hydrogen fuel cells to create off-grid and micro-grid power units for multi-purpose applications.

According to SolarBotanic’s media representative, “RHFC power is a good solution for many industrial and home uses. For example, telecom infrastructure can be made more reliable, cleaner and cheaper to maintain. RHFC power is unique for its flexibility, and a very high energy density, making it the energy source of choice for the future.”

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