South African Company Launches Natural and Organic Beauty Blog

Leading the organic and natural beauty movement away from the harmful chemical laden skincare and beauty products, The Natural Beauty Blog is designed to be South Africa’s premier resource of information on the subject. The blog recently launched by a South African company with the hopes of educating the audience about natural and organic products that are better for the skin, the environment and overall health.

Skincare and beauty products that are derived from nature and only natural products are not new, both men and women have been using natural skin care and cosmetics for at least two millenniums. However, today, due to technological advancements and a better understanding of natural ingredients the organic and natural skin care and beauty products have been revolutionized. People do not have to rely on crushed berries for tinting their lips or burnt almonds as eyeliner or mascara. Today’s natural cosmetics and skincare are as good as the chemical laden stuff, if not better, and that is what The Natural Beauty Blog wishes to highlight to its audience.

The team at The Natural Beauty Blog is encouraged to see that more and more people are genuinely curious about natural and organic skin care and beauty products as more data and research emerges about the adverse effects of synthetic ingredients such as pigments, preservatives and detergents emerge. Alarmingly, many common ingredients found in such products have proven to be carcinogenic and their harmful effects accumulate over time with regular use. Organic and natural beauty is free from all such dangers.

The website recently shared their top picks for The Best Natural and Organic Mascara in 2017.

The website spokesperson said: “We have established the website to help you, our dear reader, find the best Natural and Organic skincare and beauty products available in the South African market. We take our responsibility to help you very seriously and are therefore always on the lookout for through the best products.  We hunting, testing and reviewing hundreds of organic and natural cosmetics and skin care items right now and will continue to add new categories shortly, so let us help you find the best products for your skin through our informative, in-depth reviews.”


The Natural Beauty Blog focuses on promoting the organic beauty revolution by spreading the word about organic skincare and beauty products with the world. We provide regular how-to guides, product buying guides, and product reviews.

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