Clash Royale 2v2 Double Exilir Draft Challenge

The Double Elixir Draft Challenge is one of the craziest and interesting challenges ever in Clash Royale, combining the variable Draft Challenge elements when choosing your cards and your opponents cards with playing in Double Elixir Time the entire time in the match. To make this even crazier, it will reward you with tons of Gold! The battles will begin on July 21, 2017.

You will have to choose between two cards, so one of these choices will go to your deck, while the other card will go to your opponent’s deck – you do this four times, and your opponent do that four times, and then the battle starts.

After that, you will begin the match and see Elixir regenerating twice as fast as it normally does. Prizes to be won for this challenge are crazy, and you can win up to 400 Cards plus 100,000 Gold. No typo, it’s that much!

Now let’s talk about some winning strategies. The whole challenge is quite unpredictable because you have to play with the cards you choose and the ones that you get, so the biggest part of your strategy happens when selecting your cards!

When picking cards, always keep in mind that you must never give your opponent a hard counter. Never give him real synergies too. You must also not that expensive cards are precious due to double Elixir (so make sure you don’t give your opponent cards like Three Musketeers, PEKKA, etc.)

Having a whole match in double Elixir Time brings a lot of changes to the entire game mechanic, it’s not just twice as fast!

Bear in mind that DEFENDING IS VERY IMPORTANT! Yes, you will need to defend because there will be lots of strong pushes which can break through into your King’s Tower and make you lose quite fast. Also, rushing full time against your opponent and see who can take down the King’s Tower faster could sound like fun, but it definitely won’t get you many victories at all.

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