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ALLEY OOP – “the better- for- you” sports drink is designed for all that believe youth is also a state of mind … where healthy is fun.
Youthtopia Beverages’ ALLEY OOP, a rapid dissolving sports hydration powder stick pack, has electrolytes, vitamins, and naturally safe energy, low sugar/carbohydrates, is caffeine-and gluten free, non GMO, and without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Available in 3 delicious flavors – Citrus Grind, Slam Punch and Straw Mango, ALLEY OOP is packaged in a convenient 12 stick pack, single flavored carton; each stick pack mixes with 16-20 ounces of water.

Alley OOP is Youthtopia Beverages’ premier hydration product, a sports drink for active consumers requiring isotonic hydration that do not want or need the excessive sugar/carbs and or salt found in the major brands. The company’s founder, a health and fitness inspired ophthalmologist, searched retail shelves for decades, unsuccessfully, to find a sports hydration product that filled the gap between water and the sugar loaded brands. We believe that early access to healthier hydration will help diminish the increasing incidences of diet related diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, digestive disorders, heart disease and circulatory illnesses. A healthy product without good taste would lead to product failure, so Youthtopia made a concerted effort to create our tasty, balanced beverages. Most of us are not professional or Olympic athletes, that have a personal special formulated beverage; and we do not need the 160 calories/16 ounces in the major brands as compared to the 28 calories/16 -20 ounces in ALLEY OOP. 

Our world today is connected through social media and music, and we will promote our product by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our 24 hour internet radio station in strategic fashions to promote our brand and to target key markets. Our goal is to educate, activate and naturally hydrate our youth and active consumers through our marketing methods that send the right messages through the right channels. It is our goal to naturally hydrate and replenish electrolytes while steering the customer away from excessive empty caloric intake. We aim to cultivate a new culture of youths and active adults who are empowered with smart beverage options that combine health, great taste, and fun.

One flavorful stick pack of ALLEY OOP contains 5 grams of sugar/7 grams of carbs, 28 calories/16-20 ounces with water, potassium, low sodium, vitamins C, D, B3 and B5, Calcium, and Zinc; and all this plus non GMO, without caffeine, gluten, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The feedback we are getting from everyone who has tasted our sports drink has been very positive and we think we have a real hit on our hands that will meet/exceed their health and taste requirements as it delivers on function. Each 12 pack carton is expected to retail for $14.49 – $14.99, which means each 16-20 ounce serving costs $1.20 – $1.25.

Youthtopia—where healthy is fun…Drink. Play. Now!

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