Dr. Punjabi Explains The Extra Benefits Of The Tummy Tuck Surgery

INLAND EMPIRE, CA – 14 Jul, 2017 – The midsection is one of the most difficult areas to shape, especially after pregnancy, a significant weight or a “stick out” belly that even after diet or exercise it refuses to leave. In those cases the cosmetic procedure of abdominoplasty , more commonly  know has “tummy tuck surgery,” can improve the look of your abdominal area giving a firm, flat and contoured look to your silhouette.  There has been an increase in the demand for the abdominoplasty procedure in the past years. At Terracina Surgical Arts we have many Inland Empire patients who wish to reduce excess fat, sagging skin and tighten the weakened abdominal muscles. To help them achieve their desired look Dr. Anil Punjabi recommends adding liposuction to customize the “Tummy tuck” procedure to each patient’s specific needs and body goals.

Patients that have had the procedures of abdominoplasty and liposuction have shown significant improvements in self-esteem and quality of life. Dr. Punjabi knows that the “Tummy tuck” surgery is identified as a cosmetic procedure, but he also points there are several medical benefits to be gained for the long run after the operation. For patients that look to restore their figures after pregnancy the “mommy makeover” a procedure largely associated with Abdominoplasty is a great option that will also help with other problems that comes after delivery. Especially if the patient has diastasis recti, a condition where the abdominal muscles are separated and no longer located next to each other. This condition will give the effect of having a “pooch” or a “bulge” in the middle of the belly.  And the tummy tuck surgery can reconnect the separated sides of the muscle to create a tighter, flatter abdominal area.

After working hard to lose the extra pounds, it’s natural for patients to want to improve their appearance, and at  Terracina Surgical Arts we know that one of those improvements requires removing the excess of skin and fat. The Abdominoplasty will remove the extra skin and heavy folds from the midsection and the belly button will be repositioned and sutured in its normal position for a natural appearance, and the liposuction will help the patient to be better contoured and give a more pleasant view of their body and to show even more the result of their hard work in losing the extra weight. The abdominoplasty does involve a long incision line that extends from one side of the hip to the other. Our patients in the Inland Empire have also noticed improvement in their posture thanks to tightened abdominal muscles supporting their spine and may diminish the back pain they used to experience.  

Dr. Punjabi has performed hundreds of tummy tucks resulting in delighted patients with flatter and smooth abdominal skin, along with the medical benefits that comes with the tummy tuck. He is well trained professional that will be able to perform and answer all your questions before you begin this journey to boost your confidence and appearance.

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