ZEROi: Versatile Hat with Bone Conduction Technology, Now Available on Kickstarter

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – 14 Jul, 2017 – Introducing ZEROi, a comfortable and stylish hat with built-in bone conduction speakers that lets users make hand-free phone calls and listen to music while enjoying outdoor activities. Its uniquely designed visor houses a microchip, switch, controller and wires that help users attain the ultimate audio experience. ZEROi has four compact bone conduction speakers hidden inside of the body of the hat to prevent noise leakage from the speakers.

“Most people today still listen to music and answer phone calls with wired earphones. With ZEROi, we want to offer an advanced approach,” says Founder and CEO Teaky Oh, who has leveraged a background in audio electronic technology and fashion to bring a fresh perspective to the wireless speaker user experience. “We have created a hands-free device that allows for Bluetooth pairing and optimal sound quality.”

While bone conduction technology is becoming popular, early adopters have already reported problems ranging from low sound quality to noise leakage. Most other bone conduction devices are limited, and they are simply targeted to transmit to the eardrum. Yet, ZEROi offers enhanced audio, as the hat covers the skull completely, and its four-way vibration system provides consistently crisp and clear sound.

ZEROi is designed both as a personal sound system as well as an attractive fashion item. Since the original idea for ZEROi was conceived in early 2016, the team has worked diligently to create a product that exceeds expectations. Made with top-notch all-cotton fabric and a special oil coating to avoid water damage, ZEROi is comfortable and durable.

“ZEROi is not just another hat with a speaker,” explains marketing director Brian Yoon. “Every aspect of this smart fashion item has been handcrafted with great attention to detail. Not only does it look nice, but we also incorporated advanced IoT functions to be hidden in our sleek visor. Simply press on the visor with your finger, and you’ll be able to enjoy awesome sound!”

ZEROi comes in handy when users are walking, running, riding bikes, or enjoying other outdoor activities. The hat allows for open ears to help users avoid accidents and is oil-coated to prevent water damage. The device comes equipped with a convenient magnetic battery charger and offers five hours of battery life.

The design is unisex, comes with an adjustable strap, and is available in two styles: snap back and baseball cap. Three different colors are also available: black, white, and blue.

Pre-order of ZEROi is available from July 11 to August 24 on Kickstarter, and it is a consumer-ready product. Those who have tested the device report positive experiences, and several of these testimonials can be seen on the product’s Kickstarter page ( When the Kickstarter campaign funding goal is achieved, the company anticipates manufacturing and delivery to be complete in December of this year.

During the Kickstarter Campaign, the product can be pre-ordered starting at $79, with retail pricing expected to be $129.

About ZEROi, Inc.

ZEROi Labs is a California-based startup developing stylish and innovative hats. The products are designed and developed in Newport Beach, California and are manufactured in Seoul, Korea. ZEROi Labs was founded by a team of experts and engineers who are dedicated to merging the concepts of fashionable hat designs and IoT wearable technologies.

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