Native American Shamanand Cryptozoologist, Donald Young, tells his true life story about Native teachings, living alongside nature, experiences and encounters of a Para-Cryptozoological mindset

This fascinating book changes one’s perception of many mysteries in our modern world.

In today’s modern world and time, will there still be a place for mysterious cryptids and unknown powers of the spirit world? Or will they all be part of a rich and mythical folklore?

In the book, Trail of the Sasquatch, a Shaman’s Journey, author Donald B. Young Jr. shares his hair-raising adventures within nature’s wild, realms of the spirit world and cryptid research done in a complete and detailed memoir.

The book shows many photographs of his encounters with mysterious creatures,and features Mr. Young’s more famous documentations like Big Phil, Blinky, first  ever thermal recording of a possible Sasquatch, and the shocking Baby Bigfoot thermal.

Trail of Sasquatch is both an adventure story and an autobiography of a man who was tutored by an elder Iroquois shaman at a young age. His knowledge of cultural techniques of healing, Native ceremonies, spiritual rituals, and first hand encounters with spirits and cryptids sculpted his beliefs for alifelong desire to share importantcryptozoological knowledge and supernatural experiences with the world.

Although it seems difficult for ancient spiritual wisdom to conform to the present time, Mr. Young hopes that this book will open the readers’ hearts and minds to all the possibilities in this world and the world of the unknown.

This book earned praises among Amazon reviewers with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. One reviewer states that, “Donald is a natural writer. He just sort of casually pulls you in until you find yourself not able to put his story down. “Another reviewer compliments his honesty, “I believe Mr. Young is telling his story as honestly as he can. Mr. Young seems kind of trapped between the modern world and the world of his teacher a Native American shaman.”

It received a starred review which is awarded to books of Excellent Merit. Hollywood Book Review  Lauds, “Trail of the Sasquatch, a shaman’s journey is enhanced by the many photographs found at the end of the text. Mr. Young is also a talented artist, as evidenced by his drawing which graces the book’s title page. Readers who come to Trail of the Sasquatch with a knowledge of and belief in this world will find a wealth of useful information. Those who may be more skeptical will soon find themselves drawn in by Mr. Young’s authentic voice and riveting attention to detail.”

Trail of the Sasquatch, a Shaman’s Journey Copies of the book are available at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers Visit the author’s website on:

About the Author: DONALD B. YOUNG Jr.

Donald Young or Junior, as his family members called him, was born September 15th, 1963. He grew up on his grandparent’s 780-acre farm in North Central Wisconsin, where he experienced a tremendous amount of freedom to explore the land and learn all nature’s wonders. He made a name for himself as a wildlife specialist, guide, tracker of man or animal, healer and survivalist.

His knowledge of herbal medicines and spirit work gained him the powerful title, Verde Brujo healer among Latin Americans and Mide shaman to many in Native American circles.People and paranormal groups around the world seek his knowledge of natural or spiritual matters to help solve their mysteries.

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