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India is losing out to the Philippines in the outsourcing market

Business owners and leaders from all over the world are turning to STAFFVIRTUAL in the Philippines to outsource their work. The company has gained a reputation as being an expert in helping their clients to reduce their staffing levels and running costs through outsourcing solutions. The Philippines outsourcing expert has been credited for helping clients to operate more efficiently while reducing their overheads.


In a struggling business world, businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to cut costs and achieve more profits. One of the positive ways to improve the running cost of a business and make it more efficient and profitable is to outsource to a third party. Although India was once the country that companies turned to for outsourcing their work; those days are now gone. Instead, businesses from all over the world including the USA are turning to the Philippines and STAFFVIRTUAL to outsource their work.

A spokesman for STAFFVIRTUAL said: “Over the past 12 months we have received more referrals than in any other year, and we put that down to the excellent services we provide our clients.”

Besides the excellent professional work the Philippines provide, another major reason why more people are turning to STAFFVIRTUAL is due to Philippine employees speak perfect English with a neutral accent unlike those in India. Whereas call centers and outlets in India struggle to understand or to be understood by people contacting them, those operating in the Philippines do not suffer from that problem.

Business experts believe that the majority of outsourcing work will be dealt with in the Philippines, due to their professional approach and the experience they have in so many different fields from human resources, accounting, and recruitment.

To learn how outsourcing in the Philippines can help a business to run more efficient and to increase profit, please visit the STAFFVIRTUAL site where they can arrange a free consultation http://www.staffvirtual.com


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