Singer-songwriter Nicky Harris Releases New Song BE IN LOVE WITH YOU

The new song and video by Greenville N.C. singer/songwriter Nicky Harris, BE IN LOVE WITH YOU, contributes an upbeat and positive outlook for all those victims and families who are going through or have gone through their fight against cancer.

Greenville N.C. singer/songwriter Nicky Harris has today announced he has released his new song BE IN LOVE WITH YOU, which is an upbeat song dedicated to those who have been affected by cancer. The new song has been described by fans as his most touching work to date. The accompanying video helps to make people smile and feel touched, while listening to the upbeat song that sends a message of love and hope about a very serious subject. 

The successful singer understands what it’s like to go through the shock, the pain, and the struggle of cancer. His wife Sheila, a cancer survivor, spent sixteen months in a fight against the terrible disease. Nicky wanted to write a song to send a message to his wife of how much he loves her and to give people hope and faith that they can win the fight, and come out the other end stronger.

Nicky Harris said: “I understand what it’s like to be affected by cancer. When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, it was like my world fell apart. We spent 16 months fighting this terrible disease and came out the other end stronger and more in love.”

The song which comes with a video ( is receiving a great response.  It’s something people everywhere can identify with, since everyone has either had personal contact with or knows someone who is currently fighting or has fought cancer. BE IN LOVE WITH YOU  is giving people a special message of love and hope.  

Nicky Harris is calling on is fans new and old to play his new song and retweet it to radio stations to have them play BE IN LOVE WITH YOU.  

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About Nicky Harris

Nicky Harris is a singer/songwriter from Greenville, NC. His songs have been played in over 20 countries, bringing love into the homes of his fans around the world.

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