Unemployment is at its Lowest in Hawaii in Over 10 Years

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Kahului, Hawaii – July 15, 2017 – Unemployment in Hawaii is at a decade low. There are plenty of jobs, and this is great news for people who live in the state. It’s also another reason for people to consider moving to the area. However, it could mean trouble for employers and there has never been a more important time to use an employment agency. Contact Aloha International Employment, one of the top staffing agencies in Hawaii, to find the right staff for your business.

In the past few years, the unemployment rate in Hawaii has been declining. In March 2017, the unemployment rate was 2.7%. This is lower than it was earlier this year at 2.8% in February. Hawaii hasn’t had an unemployment rate as low as 2.7% since June 2007. When you put faces on the statistics, the number is shocking. There are about 677,700 people with jobs in Hawaii, and only about 19,100 people in the state are unemployed. In general, most of the state has a low unemployment rate. In Maui, the rate is at about 3%.

Although the decrease over the years hasn’t been drastic, it’s been a steady one. Even the national unemployment rate has been declining, but this fact doesn’t mean that Hawaii is on par with the other states. Hawaii has one of the lowest unemployment rates of all the states in the US. In May of 2017, the national unemployment average was 4.3%. In the same month, Colorado and North Dakota were the only two states to have lower unemployment rates. North Dakota was second with a rate of 2.5% and Colorado came in first place with a whopping 2.3%. Every other state ranked higher than Hawaii that month.

It’s unknown if the unemployment rate will continue to decline. No matter what happens, one thing is sure. The low rate makes it hard for employers to find workers since there are fewer people looking for work and those who are can be picky. Some businesses report only a small percentage of applicants showing up for interviews. Similarly, low numbers show up for the first shift.

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