Veterans Access to Medical Marijuana Remains Slow, but Steady

Plenty of Work Remains to Ensure all Veterans Can Get Relief from Medical Cannabis

Ottawa, ON – July 15, 2017 – Providing access to medical marijuana for Veterans in Canada remains slow but steady. Although veterans can benefit from medical marijuana, they haven’t always had access. Over the years, things have changed. Now, veterans are rallying together to steadily increase their access to treatment. Thanks to services like Medical Marijuana Services Canada, more veterans are getting the help they need.

PTSD is one of the most common disorders seen among veterans in Canada and treating PTSD is no easy task. Each veterans experiences are different, thus it often involves a trial-and-error period and could require several different medications. Medical cannabis research has been proven to help relieve many symptoms associated with PTSD despite the fact that legal system has not always agree.

In Canada, the health and well-being of Veterans is a priority for the government. Bill C-21 was a step in the right direction. The bill developed a framework for dealing with PTSD. This promotes research on the link between PTSD and cannabis to help propose better treatment and ensure the health and wellbeing of citizens.

Veteran’s Affairs Canada offers some help to Canadian veterans. However, that help has been reduced. In the past, they paid up to ten grams a day of cannabis for veterans. Currently, they reimburse veterans up to three grams a day. The most they offer is $8.50 a gram. A veteran’s health care staff member gives the authorization.

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Canada provides veterans with some access to cannabis but it’s not as readily available on a large scale. That’s why more and more veterans are speaking up about it. Small organizations remain dedicated to helping Canadians receive medical marijuana for the relief they are looking for.

About Medical Marijuana Services Canada:

Medical Marijuana Services Canada provides Canadians with the medical documentation necessary to access medical cannabis as a safe and effective treatment. MMS Canada believes that every patient that requires medical marijuana deserves equal and safe access to effective treatment, working closely with members and doctors to develop long-term health goals, education, and improving lives. Veterans are eligible to receive full free coverage through Veterans Affairs once your MMS membership and medication are approved. Visit our website, connect with us online, or give us a call to learn more about medical marijuana and PTSD, and how it can be used as an effective treatment and improve well-being.

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