First of It\’s Kind, Apple Design Inspired Battery Set to Launch Word’s most powerful Battery: LifeBattery AIR

Inspired by and designed for Apple products to expand its usage time.

New Jersey, USA – No longer do you need an outlet or, in remote location, wall sockets, to power up your device. FLiFli is announcing the launch of an Indiegogo campaign for its new battery, LifeBattery AIR. Offering a revolutionary portable and extremely dynamic and unique design, LifeBattery AIR brings the possibility to charge your Apple or any device while the battery itself is being charged.

With an output of USB Type A – 5V / 3A, and USB Type C – 5V, 12V, 20V, the 8 cells L-ion battery weighs 725g, has a capacity of 27,200mAh, the battery will power up a MacBook Pro for up to 63 hours

Manufactured by FLiFLi, the New Jersey based Tech Company, the LifeBattery AIR performance is fascinating, no doubt why it is the world’s most powerful battery performing multi task at the same time. It has outlets which can boost the usage hours of smart devices such as Macbook Air, Macbook pro, iPad Pro, Ipad Mini, Iphone 7, Iphone 7+, Iphone 6 and the iPhone watch series. The company said all is set to launch the campaign on Indiegogo on July 17, 2017 which its set out target is to cover Apple users, Macbook users and the entire Indiegogo users as well.

To be part of this campaign please visit LifeBattery Indiegogo campaign

There are billions of Apple users all around the world, and we are just few of them. We carry Apple devices everywhere and they frequently ask us to feed them, but you are not always next to the wall socket. You can just take this with your lunch bag and have lunch with your Apple or feed them in your bag with it, said David Lee while speaking on the launch.

The LifeBattery Air comes with sleek and elegant curves along the edges which was inspired by Macbook casing and comes in four beautiful colors such as rose gold, gold, silver, and space gray. To match with the design and color of your MacBook. The LifeBattery Air is a lot friendly, compact and easy to carry about where ever you go. It also has the ability to charge your Apple or any device with LifeBattery while the battery itself is being charged, this features is called PASS-THROUGH CHARGING.

There is no limits to what you can achieve with LifeBattery AIR, it is limitless, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, you name it. It charges all types of product.

Unlike the normal conventional power banks, LifeBattery AIR enables it users to stay charged by just simply placing batteries on its ports and it automatically recognize the battery capacity and start charging with the highest remaining life battery.

The LifeBattery Air also comes with automatic power control which means no need to power off just to pull out the cable. The safety protection also includes over voltage, over charge, over discharge, over current and short protection.

No doubt, the LifeBattery AIR is designed to support your busy life enabling you to charge 2 MacBook and IPhone (IPad) in full power simultaneously.

Four main reasons developed the concept of LifeBattery.

  • Our design was the same as our first concept in August 2016, but we have re-built our design to significantly match MacBook 2017 colors. Sleek, elegant curves along the edges inspired by the case of MacBook still remains.
  • To charge our MacBook Touch Bar we have, we purchased and tried to use several AC powerbanks that are launched in crowdfunding platform. But it was not being charged properly. Especially when using pass-through charge (charging and using the powerbank at the same time). We found that the output power is not enough to charge MacBook Touch Bar which needs more than 87W output. This drove us to design LifeBattery to make full output power to 100W anytime, in any condition.
  • Apple Devices, especially Macbooks and iPhones need its sensitive and exquisite electronic wave flows to be charged in an unharmful way. Therefore, we grafted the latest delicate performing technology PSW (Pure Sine Wave) system embarked to LifeBattery AIR which naturally produces clean electricity to Apple devices without forcing over Apple’s technological limit automatically.
  • Conventional powerbanks placed their output ports at the side of the product, and we guess they just focused on making product thinner.
    When charging via AC outlet using plugs, some plugs could be thicker than the powerbank hence not allowing powerbank to stay flat. We tried to solve this problem and we finally decided to put all output ports on the upper side. This enables stable connection between your battery and your charging plug.

    See how it works, watch the video

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FLiFli is a brand identity settled by UTM Inc., established in 2008, an innovative company with passion on developing new innovative products. Recently launched FLiFLi AirDrop for DJI Phantom Series on Amazon in April 2017. With professional engineering, marketing/research, and R&D. with a proven skill to build a dynamic focus on innovation and technology.

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