Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing – The Perfect Marriage?

Traditional marketing companies are now utilizing one of the greatest marketing tools of this generation to reach more clients than ever before. Sign companies across the nation are stepping up their game, making strategic partnerships to take their marketing digital.

St. Petersburg, FL – July 17, 2017 – Mark My Words Media, an online marketing agency based in St. Petersburg, FL, has become a preferred provider of internet marketing services for the SIGNWorld organization, a unique network of over 300 sign companies throughout the US & Canada. This partnership allows independent sign companies to tap into the synergy of a sign shop focused marketing program, specifically targeted to their local market area and highest-margin items. 

Scott Baker, of Mark My Words Media, shares his thoughts on how digital and traditional marketing can play nice together. “Digital marketing doesn’t compete with traditional marketing, we complement it. The partnership between our organization and the SIGNWorld family of independent owners allows us all to create greater visibility for our brands across all marketing platforms.” 

“For over 20 years we have been connecting buyers with sellers by generating direct phone calls to businesses who want their phone to ring. We are excited to share our knowledge and skill with companies who are delivering top-notch products and outstanding customer support, like our SIGNWorld partners. As a result of our partnership, we can now assist traditional marketing companies in finding local business clients in a digital space. It is truly an example of how traditional and digital marketing can not only work together, but excel together.” 

Mark My Words Media has developed an accelerated, all-in-one approach for helping sign companies connect with local business owners who are searching for sign services online. Their turnkey marketing plan includes creation of a sales-focused, high-converting website, paid ad management, search engine optimization, and Google local map visibility, as well as an effective mobile campaign. 

Mr. Baker stated, “Our goal is to generate the greatest number of verified leads at the least cost. Our unique formula for success allows us to deliver many of our sign partners new leads, and even clients, on the same day we launch our campaign. Many services say it takes 30, 60, 90 days or longer before you see results from their online marketing efforts. We know that strategy isn’t good for you or us, as it creates a lot of stress and anxiety over what you might eventually get, if anything. With the visibility created by our strategic plans, you don’t have to wait or worry. We make your phones ring, and we do it fast.” 

But what are sign companies saying about this partnership? Are they finding the benefit or value that Mark My Words Media is promising them? We reached out to some of these sign company owners to find out their take on this partnership. 

Kent Jorgenson of Sign-O-Vation, a custom sign and wrap company in Omaha, NE, was glad to share his experience with us. “They said they would make the phone ring, and it did. 20 minutes into our campaign, we landed our largest project to-date, with potential for repeat business. With our old site, we averaged 2 contacts per month, and in our first week with Mark My Words Media, we averaged 2 per day. This looks like the start to a great thing, just as they said we should expect.” 

Starlyn Fikkert, of Great Bay Signs, a local sign company in Largo, FL, was one of the first sign companies to start working with Mark My Words Media in January of 2015. Her experience has been very similar to that of Jorgenson, adding that for her business, the partnership has been “Worth every penny.” 

With results and references like this, it’s no surprise that Mark My Words Media is getting regular requests for their sign company internet marketing services from both within and outside the SIGNWorld organization. Mr. Baker gives a lot of the credit to his dedicated, long-term staff, as well as the sign partners they work with. “We truly enjoy working with our sign clients. They understand business and know what profitability and success looks like, they just need some help getting their message out. Our sign partners make our job easier by being responsive, dedicated, and committed to their own success and business growth.” 

From the looks of this happy relationship, we believe that there is not only room for both digital and traditional marketing in the current advertising world, but that they make an unbeatable team.

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