Moving Forward Restoration LLC – Water Damage Restoration Company in Portland Launches New Website

Portland, Oregon – Moving Forward Restoration LLC has been around for fifteen years now, so they know how to handle accidents or damages which may creep up on any home, most occurring at times least expected. Structures are the first thing that will take a hit, but the problem could go as far as to include belongings. Hence, before such ever happens, the company boasts of IICRC certification and houses the right people for the job, committed to preventing things from getting out of hand.

“With our combination of experience, equipment, and service, you won’t find a better restoration company anywhere around. We’ll do whatever it takes to fix your property, and can even do inspections and cleanup in areas such as your crawl space to stop potential problems before they happen,” reads an excerpt from their website. With the mission of Moving Forward Restoration LLC made loud and clear, prospective clients need not worry about inferior work. While most would turn to cheaper and inexperienced contractors to take on the job, the risk here is longevity and cost-friendly alternatives.

Water damage can be a killer, something most may not immediately see. Water can easily seep into baseboards, carpets, or even walls–things that will not be immediately visible to the naked eye. Once the first sign of a water-related issue pops up, it would be best to seek help from Moving Forward Restoration LLC to make sure that the problem does not get out of hand. Technicians are backed by the latest cutting-edge restoration equipment like the KleenRite Mega 3 Flood Extractor and the LGR Revolution and LGR Evolution dehumidifiers for water damage.

The fact that the company comes with the right people and equipment is technically scratching the surface. The solutions go on from there with the company’s advanced equipment with powerful, natural cleaners like Benefect and Mold Express to keep families safe while the professionals buckle down to work. Hence, not only are clients assured of quality work but healthy upkeep as well with these natural-based solutions. More information can be found at

Moving Forward Restoration LLC is the professional company to turn to. They are located at 2528 SE Holgate Blvd Portland OR 97202. Interested personnel may schedule appointments through phone at (503) 766-5253. The company can be visited at

Media Contact
Company Name: Moving Forward Restoration LLC
Contact Person: JooLee Brown
Phone: (503) 766-5253
Address:2528 SE Holgate Blvd
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Country: United States