Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,LTD Announces To Supply Wiring Harness Equipments That Meet International Certifications

China based Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,LTD specializes in supplying a wide range of wiring harness equipments that are manufactured in compliance with the international standards.

With a vast experience in the wire harness industry, Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,LTD manufactures and supplies cables and wire harness equipments for different industries, such as home appliances, medical equipment, automotive instruments and others. The company has a wide array of fully automatic equipments in their portfolio that can be used to meet the latest requirements of the industries.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the terminal crimping machine is one of their main products that are fully automatic and have been designed with complete safety features. The company has the R&D department that focuses on innovation and the machine has the latest features and capabilities to meet the industrial demand. The spokesperson maintains that the machine is stable and efficient to serve industries with reliability and safety.

terminal crimping machine

The company also supplies the wire strip crimp machine that features a precise and compact mechanical structure. The machine uses SCA special made applicator and ensures stability and accuracy. The spokesperson reveals that it can easily process wire of AWG 36 size or even bigger wires. The machine weighs 85kg and features a significant crimping force to be used suitably in different industries.

The spokesperson further maintains that they are one of the reputed suppliers of the pneumatic crimping tool to the US and European countries. The tool meets international quality and safety standards and ensures a high efficiency and a quality crimping force. Driven by dual-action normal cylinder, the machine features a significant force and speed for effecting a high quality crimping. The machine can crimp different kinds of terminals and is available with different types of crimping die sets. The spokesperson reveals that these die sets can be interchanged with the manual crimping tools and hence increases efficiency and flexibility.

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About Cheers Electronic Technical Co. LTD

Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,LTD has specialized in cable and wire harness industry for many years. The main products include fully automatic terminal crimping machine, wire stripping machine, applicator, wire crimper, and tube cutting machine. The company mainly supplies the M/C to US, AU and EU, and other countries and is familiar with the quality and certification issue of these markets. As an OEM manufacturer, they also work with many well-known groups and companies, such as Bosch, Honeywell, Delphi, Lear Corporation etc.

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