Wellness on Wheels Launches Fundraising Campaign On Indiegogo For Their Mobile Massage Service

Wellness on Wheels launches fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to build a state-of-the-art massage studio on wheels.

Wellness on Wheels campaign, an effort to build a mobile massage practice, was launched on Indiegogo to raise funds for building a massage studio on wheels. The campaign with a flexible goal of $25,000 was started by Dezi Bennett of Tampa, United States.

“Wellness on Wheels is our dream project aimed at helping get America back to normal again – one massage at a time,” says Dezi Bennett about her project. “We are flipping and re-purposing a 1987 Fleetwood Bounder Motorhome for the purpose of providing message therapy. We want to provide people a truly unique mobile massage experience by providing them everything that a professional spa offers but in a mobile environment.”

There are many massage therapists offering mobile massage services in the United States. They operate independently but are unable to offer the physical settings associated with a full-fledged, professionally managed spa. These therapists offer only the basic facilities such as massage table, chairs and other things that can be physically carried. Most massage centers and spas are in locations that can create a lot of distraction caused by people, loud music, market and the like. With Wellness of Wheels, users can enjoy a personalized massage experience in a privatized setting.

Wellness on Wheels offers many other additional advantages to the clients. These include offering the perfect setting for overall wellness and relaxation. They can enjoy therapeutic bodywork in a professional spa like atmosphere without suffering the hassle of travel. Clients can enjoy the perfect massage without taking time off from their professional commitments. Wellness on Wheels is also the ideal solution for those planning to offer massage therapy in college campus or weeding parties.

For those who want to provide an innovative and rewarding experience to their teachers or show appreciation to their employees, Wellness on Wheels is the ideal solution. It is also a great way to reward military service members or those involved in physically demanding activities such as first responders, athletes and dancers or fine arts participants.

Dezi Bennett has procured an RV from a couple doing missionary work and also enrolled in a licensing program for massage therapy at Cortiva Institute which is of seven months duration. The masseuse mobile can be parked in high foot traffic areas such as business parks, convention centers, college campuses and even military bases to serve the needs of a large number of people.

Dezi Bennett has announced attractive incentives to those who contribute to the Wheels on Wellness campaign depending on their level of participation.

About Wellness on Wheels:

Wellness on Wheels is an initiative by Dezi Bennett to ensure that America is back to normal again, one massage at a time. The innovative way of delivering quality massage through a re-purposed 1987 Fleetwood Bounder Motorhome will help provide a truly unique therapeutic experience to the clients. The fundraising campaign launched on Indiegogo for the purpose is aiming to raise a flexible goal of $25,000.

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