World’s First Innovative AC Battery Designed for Apple Raises Funds on Indiegogo

July 17, 2017 – Every apple users knew getting powered on their devices is a major feat that needs to be addressed where other alternatives seem to combat this problem no product has perfectly solve this that is the sole responsibility of LifeBattery Air Powered by UTM Inc and FliFli, the leading tech innovators.

Housed in a compact package, LifeBattery Air can be carried along charging inside a lunch bag or moved about in the lunch bag, either way, it’s convenient. With billions of Apple users around the world, Apple battery in built power system has proven inadequate for its users. This product to be launched is suitable for Macbook users; Apple users is an on demand products ready for launch on Indiegogo.

With the first version launched in August 2016, the concept has undergone dramatic upgrades and innovation and concept design re-built to match Macbook 2017 colors. A major question that this product got asked is how it seeks to solve apple user battery problem, and its unique point of solutions that make it stand out from alternatives is explained below.

Unlike other crowdfunding products launched on Indiegogo and other platforms, these products give a full power output in all situations, especially evident in pass through charging condition, charging and using a power bank to power a device simultaneously stands tall to deliver its promise- constant power supply.

Sophisticated properties of Apple especially, MacBook surfaced out, a reason why a specialized charger is created for all apple products. LifeBattery Air is a cumulation of the latest delicate performing technology known as Pure Sine Wave. This ensures clean electricity supply to Apple, MacBook and iPhone’s products conforming to its technical standards and requirements, extending its battery life.


An easy to use product unlike the conventional chargers, the charging port is placed at the top position eliminating every chance of charger and devices misaligning. Likewise charging via AC outlets enables most power banks to stay flat due to thicker plugs connecting a battery and charging plug, all this solved with by pulling all output ports on the upper side.

Care to extend your Apple products battery and stay powered all the time, get the LifeBattery Air handy available from July 17, 2017

For more information about this product and contribution check in to LifeBattery Air Indiegogo campaign, and YouTube

About Product Developers

UTM Inc. established in 2008, is an innovative tech company with the drive of providing solutions in the sphere of technology, they are the leading creative producers of products that drive innovation. FliFli AirDrop for DJI Phantom Series begins operation in April 2017 with an awesome collection of products on Amazon. The duo comprises of specialists in the engineering of a strong backbone with market/research and R&D.

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