Fundraising Campaign Goes Live On Indiegogo For Nooky Box Signature Series Launch

Nooky Box Signature Series launches campaign on Indiegogo to build funds for their project.

Nooky Box Signature Series, a series of curated adult boxes with toy collections to help everybody satisfy their sexual fantasies, has announced that their campaign for fundraising is now live on Indiegogo. The funding is needed to launch the new Signature Series which are stand-alone boxes with an erotically themed edition.

“We are delighted to be back with the Nooky Box Signature Series that are tailored to your sexual interests and fantasies,” says the spokesperson for The Nooky Box. “We want sex to be more fun and comfortable to discuss and know about. Our boxes are curated by experts and designed to take the guesswork out of sex toy products.”

Nooky Box Signature Series has been exquisitely curated and comes with an erotically-themed edition for every interest. While the carefully chosen toys will definitely open new doors for novices, they will intrigue experienced players as well. The whole idea is to make using of sex toys fun and healthy which can lead to a great sex life for all genders, orientations and relationships.

Nooky Box Signature Series people avoid the hassle of sifting through various types of toys available on the market. It can be a deeply disappointing and frustrating experience when people do not get the kind of toys they are looking for. There is also the risk of buying inferior products from suppliers who prioritize profits over health, hygiene and safety.

The team at Nooky Box consists of professional pleasure hunters and sourcing the best products is a fulltime occupation for them. The team is passionate about their jobs. There are sexual health experts and guest curators on board to help find people specialized, well-designed and fully reliable products. One package is discreetly delivered every three months to subscribers. The quarterly boxes provide enough time for people to experiment with each set of collection before they get the next set.

The Nooky Box Signature Series will attempt to help individuals and partners fulfill all their fantasies. Every box has been curated by keeping in mind the unique needs and experienced of everyone. The entire Signature Series will be available through their online store, allowing customers to choose and buy one box or more at a time. Each focuses on a different theme so that users can choose a box based on their particular interests and intentions. They are launching 8 boxes now but there will be more in the near future.

Nooky Box Signature Series Indiegogo campaign has a flexible goal of $50,000 which they are positive of achieving. The company has announced a series of attractive incentives to those participating in the campaign, depending on their level of investment.

About Nooky Box Signature Series:

Nooky Box Signature Series is a unique initiative aimed at providing individuals and couples the opportunity to manifest their fantasies. The Signature Series contains eight boxes of exquisitely curated sex toy collections that can help give shape to fantasies and make them a reality. The Indiegogo campaign is attempting to raise $50,000 for the project.

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