One Cube Starts Campaign For Raising Funds On Indiegogo For 1-CLOAK Data Encryption Software

One Cube launches campaign on Indiegogo for 1-CLOAK project.

One Cube, the data encryption experts, has announced that they have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to fund the launch of 1-CLOAK. The data encryption software created to protect digital life of users is powered by CubeiTz and distributed by ONE Cube.

“1-CLOAK offers a simple way of protecting all your files, folders and drives from hackers, says the spokesperson for One Cube,” the official distributors of this advanced digital device. “We are committed to creating a secure digital world and with 1-CLOAK we will be able to take down all the barriers of data protection. We call upon all to support our campaign and help you achieve our financial goal for 1-CLOAK project.”

1-CLOAK has been designed to work the way users want. It can be operated using the simple and easy drag and drop mechanism. One Cube is making use of the revolutionary 1-million-bit encryption technology. It is not only 7000 times more secure than standard encryption software, but performs at such high speeds that video transmissions and live video audio video can be encrypted and decrypted in real time.

With 1-CLOAK, users need not worry about security issues as the system ensures complete safety of all the information on the computer, regardless of whether they are in the cloud, or on USB and external drives. By using 1-CLOAK protection, data can be completely secured even from ransomware as they will not be able to find the files they want to target.

1-CLOAK works on Mac and Windows systems and there is a mobile compatible version in the pipeline. 1-CLOAK is also highly compatible with most cloud storage providers which means when they get infiltrated, the documents and files remain beyond the reach of hackers. The data is of no value to them as they will not be able to find what they are looking for.

According to One Cube, 1-CLOAK is a unique integrated platform engineered to provide the ultimate encryption system that can effectively combat the threats of any kind and intensity. The platform makes use of a unique algorithm to encapsulate data instantly in 1 million bits of encryption. This makes 1-CLOAK protection approximately 7000 times more secure than any data bank. The idea is to make the digital village a vastly protected space for all types of users.

One Cube is offering their 1-CLOAK consumer product with one year of protection for $12 only. It is available as a license subscription per person and not per device.

The fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo has a flexible goal of $25,000. One Cube will be offering participants a whole range of incentives based on their contribution to the campaign and level of participation.

About 1-CLOAK:

1-CLOAK is data encryption software from One Cube engineered to protect your files, folders and drives from hackers in the simplest way. It provides protection of data in the computers as well as in the cloud. 1-CLOAK used the unique and revolutionary 1-million-bit encryption technology, which is not only 7000 times more secure than standard encryption software.

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