Bryan Stave Announces Launch Of Kickstarter Campaign For Funding His First Music Album

Pop singer Bryan Stave launches campaign on Kickstarter for debut album.

Bryan Stave, pop singer and song writer has announced that his campaign on Kickstarter is now live for his debut album. Bryan is attempting to raise funds to produce and release his first album which will be the culmination of years of practice, hard work and growth as a songwriter and artist.

“I have been writing and recording this debut album for the last 10 months and will need more funds to see it all the way through,” says Bryan Stave while explaining his fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. “The entire album is now written and even the tracks and video for a few songs are complete. With more funding, I can finish the remaining tracks and shoot the other videos so that promotions can take place in earnest.”

Bryan Stave has been working on this project for the last ten months but the journey to get to this point was a long one – nearly three and a half years. He had a passion for music and always wanted to make a career in this field. He worked as a financial analyst to clear his student loans and save money to invest in the music project. He started writing during this period which helped him develop his skills and led to creation of the current sound.

Bryan also drove around the country for many months, visiting friends and family, and writing the material that would later become a major part of this album. He moved to Nashville where he found his producer, Christian Davis of Sony Records.  The first three tracks, ‘Monday Song’, ‘Shiny Toys’, and ‘Chasing Platinum’ were finalized.

Bryan Stave has also started promoting the songs and the album through Effective Immediately PR, the firm which helped him create and build a presence on social media. Push Focus Productions was chosen for production of the official video for ‘Monday Song.’ Producer Christian and Bryan have started work on the next three songs of the album and plans are in place to complete production of the other songs of the album over the summer and fall.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, they plan to release a second video which will be released in early fall.

The Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise a pledged goal of $30,000 within the deadline date of August 6, 2017. Bryan Stave has announced a slew of exciting incentives for participants in the Kickstarter campaign depending on the level of participation and contribution. Those who pledge $25 will get a copy of the album while those who pledge $250 or more will get signed copies of the original lyrics.

About Bryan Stave:

Bryan Stave is a pop singer and songwriter looking to release his first album. He has already worked on three tracks and the promotion and other production works too have made good progress. The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $30,000 which will be utilized to finish and release the album.

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