A New Virgin Islands Boat & Yacht Charter Company Opens In St. John, VI – Mr. Charter

““Mr. Charter is possible today because of the amazing, talented group of individuals that we have working together on this venture. Many of our team members have years of boating and sailing experience. Combine that with the geniuses heading up our Techno”
Mr. Charter, a new boat and yacht charter company based in St. John, VI, opens up to the public. The new Mr. Charter website allows boat captains and owners to list their vessels seamlessly, while also catering to the consumer looking to rent a boat in the Caribbean paradise known as the Virgin Islands. Mr. Charter projects that this new venture will bring growth to St. John and the surrounding Virgin Islands area. The Mr. Charter team is made up of talented individuals with boating experience.

St. John, VI – 17 Jul, 2017 – A new Virgin Islands Yacht Charter company, Mr. Charter, announced it’s opening last week with the launch of it’s new website. Made up of some of the Virgin Island’s most talented boat and yacht professionals, Mr. Charter plans on tremendous growth both for itself and the Virgin Islands community. Mr. Charter offers boats of every size and every adventure tailored to your wants and needs. From taking a small dingy out by yourself to explore the beaches of St. John to spending several nights in a yacht sailing around the USVI’s and BVI’s and everything in between, they have the vessel for you!

If you are a boat owner or captain stationed near the Virgin Islands, Mr. Charter wants to help you promote your vessel. With their super simple, easy, streamlined rental process, renting or chartering a boat has never been easier before. Take advantage of their new website and list your vessel free of charge. As Mr. Charter and their new website grows, more and more consumers will have the ability to view your boat and be given the opportunity to rent it for a day or a term of their choosing. Visit: https://goo.gl/rjoK25

A Virgin Islands Term Charter with Mr. Charter combines the breathtaking beauty of a Virgin Islands cruise and the quality and service of an exclusive resort into an experience that is better than both! A Virgin Islands Term Charter is considered one of the finest sailing experiences in the entire world. Mr. Charter makes this experience an easy reality with their streamlined Yacht Charter booking platform! The gorgeous Virgin Islands offer sunny weather, dependable trade winds, beautiful scenery, magnificent bays and reefs and short passages between the vast multitude of it’s islands. Chartering a sailboat, catamaran or yacht with Mr. Charter is without a doubt the most fantastic and exciting way to explore the islands. Eating dinner on the water at sunset or running down a sandy white bay on an unpopulated island with your friends and/or loved ones sounds picture perfect, but actually experiencing it takes it to a whole new level! Enjoy the world’s most beautiful beaches and the whole experience of it all. Enjoy everything from water sports and romantic sunsets to special time with the kids and the relaxing environment. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

For more information, visit: https://goo.gl/5wyy2x

The Virgin Islands, which includes the popular British Virgin Islands as well as the gorgeous, highly coveted US Virgin Islands are their specialty at Mr. Charter. With their close proximity to one another, the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands allow for a new island destination each day, each with its own unique character and charm. Mr. Charter is the authority when it comes to Virgin Islands Term Charters. They only focus on the USVI and BVI, offering the world’s best boats and yachts right here in the Virgin Islands, their home base of business. Don’t be fooled by other Yacht Charter companies who claim to be experts in the Virgin Islands, yet rent boats and yachts and are spread out all over the world! When you want the perfect Virgin Islands Term Charter, Mr. Charter is your go-to source and authority! So escape to a land of tropical elegance in the Virgin Islands. With boats and yachts spread across the entire US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands, Mr. Charter offers an array of attractions best explored on the water.

There is a plethora of beauty and fun to be seen and experienced out on the water, that you can just not get to from land. Mr. Charter boasts trips that specialize in snorkeling and scuba diving, that will bring you to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. You will get to see such places as the “Indians” and the “Caves” where you will be surrounded by tropical fish of every color that will literally eat out of the palm of your hand. An excursion with a Mr. Charter vessel will take you to some of the Virgin Islands’ famous beach bars such as The Soggy Dollar, Foxy’s, The WillyT’s and so many more! Mr. Charter Captains know these waters inside and out, and will take you to places most people never get the chance to see. The team at Mr. Charter can honestly say that at the end of a day on the water, almost every single guest says “This was the best day of our vacation!” Visit: https://goo.gl/ZvBxK5

Geared towards both boat owners and captains as well as consumers, Mr. Charter completely streamlines and simplifies the boat & yacht rental process for those looking to charter in the Virgin Islands. Chartering a boat for the day has never been easier. The new Mr. Charter website allows consumers in the Virgin Islands to look through a variety of different boat & yacht charter options and easily rent that boat or yacht for the day or a term of their choosing. Both group rentals and private rentals are available to the public, now that Mr. Charter has opened it’s doors. The Mr. Charter Blog can be followed by visiting: https://goo.gl/1T1c79 – Call Mr. Charter at (844) MYBOAT-1 today!

Media Contact
Company Name: Mr. Charter
Contact Person: Ryan Wollesen
Email: info@mrcharter.com
Phone: 844-692-6281
Address:5000 Estate Enighed PMB 566
City: St. John
State: VI
Country: Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Website: https://mrcharter.com