Life Battery AIR; designed for Apple Users is set to Launch on 17th JULY 2017

The world is becoming very electronically driven. Everyone is constantly on to a device to keep track of what is happening around the globe. However, there are some challenges with being constantly online. Battery! Sometimes we get stranded without power supply. Hence many persons have cultivated the habit of using power banks to stay active and updated. UTM Inc. introduces LifeBattery AIR; thinner, lighter and more powerful LifeBattery AIR. This battery is for Macbook, Apple users. LifeBattery AIR is the right product just for you.

About LifeBattery AIR

LifeBattery AIR is an energy hub every modern MacBook and Apple user need to possess. LifeBattery AIR is a small beautiful and stable device and its sleek nature has placed its prospect top of the battery market.

Apple has several users; there are lots of Apple users all around the world. And these persons carry Apple devices everywhere and are frequently asked to feed them. However, you are not always next to the wall socket. You can just take this with your lunch bag and have lunch with your Apple. Or feed them in your bag with it. Fair enough.

LifeBattery AIR is a powerful device that can be used anywhere and perfect performance will be guaranteed. It is portable and has special features added to its high energy potency. It enables intelligent charging connections to all your devices, anywhere and anytime!

The purpose of this powerful innovation is to engineer a device that would optimize productivity and creativity. Its size is a 2/3rd reduction of every product we have made, hence we have a super sense of fulfillment that our product will achieve its desired goal. It is a more purposeful and powerful charging tool. It makes better use of electronic devices better, faster and more powerful. It has transformed where we work, learn and share. It is not just a battery. It is a whole new life battery.

LifeBattery AIR  has various design and highlighted features; Rose gold, Space Gray, Gold and Silver. Our design was the same as our first concept in August 2016, but we have re-built our design to significantly match Macbook 2017 colors.

Here is a link to a short video on you tube parading the awesome features of LifeBattery AIR.

About Launch

Launching of the product takes place at INDIEGOGO and our business is located in New Jersey. For everyone not present at New Jersey, you could tune in to Indiegogo to join the trend as our product hit the market. The launching of this sleek product holds on Monday, the 17th of July, 2017.


Media Contact
Company Name: UTM Inc. (Palisades Park, New Jersey)
Contact Person: David Lee
Phone: +1 201-390-3207
Country: United States