Possess Intelligent Assets, Easily Face Future Challenges – Global market initiation press conference for intelligent assets

On July 15, 2017, news media and Internet finance investor from 36 countries and regions around the world gathered together and held a grand global market initiation press conference for intelligent assets in National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ), America. Philippe Starck, the CEO of Intelligent Assets took some group senior executives to attend it. The press conference holding for intelligent assets indicates that intelligent assets will be formally applied and promoted all around the world.

Based on P2P, intelligent assets are a new kind of Internet finance cryptocurrency hugely invested by Intelligent Investment Group in 2009, which is planned to be issued for 22 million pieces. Combining intelligent technology and Internet finance, it’s the first AI intelligent virtual currency in the world. Comparing and analyzing global first-hand data with historical data, it becomes a unique legendary currency in AI field, whose appearance will achieve unimaginable new wealth growth for global investors.

Philippe Starck, CEO of Intelligent Investment Group, ceremoniously introduced intelligent assets to the world on the conference spot. Graduated from famous London Business School (LBS), ever worked at international financial companies, Philippe Starck has been committed to adding values for virtual assets and innovating financial profit model.

Next, AI technical director Colon Brown made a speech, penetratingly analyzed the development of artificial intelligence in the past year and future, and simply introduced some functions and services of intelligent assets. For example, “Intelligent assets have mobile phone App wallet, provide simple, secure intelligent currency payment services for global users, and are equipped with the world-leading intelligent payment system.” And “intelligent assets owners can use innovative finance, more advanced technology, and investment philosophy to ‘defeat’ the outdated and achieve rapid capital growth.”

The picture shows senior executives of Intelligent Investment Group on the conference spot

Finally, chief operating officer Olaf Barski and chief legal officer Gunter Rambow also delivered wonderful speeches, respectively. Mr. Olaf Barski told us that intelligent assets attracted global investors from 2013 to 2017, appreciated from $ 0.36 to $ 0.95 and still increase now. He said: “Based on epochal monetary concept and appreciation mode, intelligent assets integrate industries with assets, enrich industries with wealth and feedback customers with profits. It’s not only a moneymaking tool for capital bigwigs, but also equal public investment, with a steady and high return.”

As a risk manager of intelligent assets, Gunter Rambow explained the profound encryption technique in simple terms to journalist and guests on spot, which applies the most advanced blockchain multi-dimensional encryption technique at present. “A data blockchain is generated every 51 minutes, which is supervised by all netizens without no inner story, so that global information sharing will be really realized. Meanwhile, we innovate to set up intelligent contracts to guarantee fund security and steadily increase investors’ fund.” Therefore, intelligent assets have preciseness without no mistake, strong funds-creating wealth conservation evolved from AI intelligence.

Safe information exchange should be established so that participants won’t be worried about data modification in case that they don’t believe in the communicatee in any section of whole network. The safeguard mechanism of intelligent assets exactly solves such problem and provide clients with reliable database to control their wealth.

Financial and journal-type journalists from London and America asked questions again and again and showed great interest and attention to intelligent assets after the speech of senior executives in Intelligent Assets.

The picture shows questions asking of journalist on press conference spot

From on-site questioning and speeches, we learn that intelligent assets can purchase commodities and services in many countries and regions now. More circulation channels will be available in the future, such as tourism, medicine, traffic, real estate and other fields. Meanwhile, intelligent assets are trying to develop more life and entertainment fields. What’s more, they can also be applied in cross-border remittance and increment of virtual currency itself.

Facing excellent developing opportunities of AI field and Internet finance, intelligent assets have long developing way and room for improvement. We are firmly convinced that intelligent assets will be the best leading virtual currency, even represent AI and bring a new round of wealth increasing for national investors.

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