Claude Ergas to attend Railway Interchange Trade Show

17 Jul, 2017 – At the press meet held yesterday at the renowned five star hotel in the city, the Claude Ergas Branding and Licensing spokesperson conveyed that they were delighted to announce that Mr. Claude Ergas, who is their CEO and Co-founder will be attending the Railway Interchange Trade Show, which is to be held from 17th to 20th September in Indianapolis, this year.

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The spokesperson of Claude Ergas Branding and Licensing also said that Claude Ergas is all set to promote his business at the Railway Interchange event, which is the biggest combined technical conference and railway exhibition of America. This event showcases the most recent technologies, research and services of the RSI or Railway Supply Institute members, RSSI or Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. and the REMSA or Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association. The Railway Interchange Trade Show will also have discussions and technical presentations by CMA or Coordinated Mechanical Associations and AREMA or Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association.

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Claude Ergas is a well known veteran in international marketing and an established branding consultant who is capable of making sure that all the business brands are offered due recognition, as it is very vital for the long term growth for businesses. Claude has numerous years of experience in dealing with various design or marketing companies with the revenue of over 2 million. He maintains a successful track record of helping businesses flourish higher by 32%, which indicates a growth in their revenue. His specialty is not building the brands alone, but he also excels in merchandising the brand development, create impressive business strategies, take care of the sales analysis as well as the sales forecast for promoting the licensing businesses. He aims at promoting his business at the Railway Interchange Trade Show.

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According to the spokesperson, the Railway Interchange Trade Show is held in Indianapolis and will be held for 4 days. The exhibition will have all the advanced equipments and techniques that are related to the railway sector. This event will be an apt choice for those exhibitors who are keen to explore the latest technological applications and domestic innovations in the railway arena. The exhibiting individuals will also have the chance to interact directly with the visitors and exhibit their products to a large audience. The scope of attending this event is to grow the businesses and establish new relationships, be aware of several latest products to hit the market and improve the relationships with existing customers. This exhibition will also offer very useful and relevant details about the recent developments in the industry, which is why Claude Ergas is excited to attend it in September 2017.

About Claude Ergas:

Claude Ergas, the reputable CEO and Cofounder of Claude Ergas Branding and Licensing is known for his years of dedicated service as international marketing and branding consultant. 

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