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17 Jul, 2017 –, the well known blog dedicated to offer complete information about automobile maintenance and repair has now offered expert review about Fixd, the simple car diagnostic device that has hit the market recently. Fixd is an easy to install plug and play type auto diagnostic tool that can help the car owners and drivers who don’t have any idea about car mechanisms, understand their vehicles in a better way and maintain it well. Expert mechanics and car owners have also installed Fixd for its user friendly features and accurate working. To know more about the review, check the website link at

According to the review offered by, even though the car owners will be able to pull out loads of information from their car’s computer diagnostics system onboard, some might not be able to access it. This is where Fixd tries to help them to understand the present condition of their vehicle. This simple to use auto diagnostic device is designed to help the car drivers and owners understand what their car is telling them.

The review of also informs the readers that Fixd can be installed very easily in the vehicles, as it is of plug and play type. This car diagnostic device is compatible with the cars that were sold in America from the year 1996. It can also be used in hybrid cars and gasoline vehicles. However, it is not compatible with the vehicles that run on diesel. One can plug the Fixd sensor in 3 major spots in the car, such as steering wheel’s left side beneath the dash, steering wheel’s right side beneath the dash and glove box’s left side beneath the passenger’s seat. The car owners or drivers just have to identify the connector to plug the car diagnostic device. It can be later connected to the phone by installing the app.

The review also answers to the question whether Fixd will work by stating that the car diagnostic device is specifically developed for the OBD-II reader. It performs by reading the codes, which are put inside the car’s computer by checking the engine light. The review also states that Fixd simplifies the process for the car owners and drivers to understand why the system displays the check engine light by transmitting the error code and describing the issue on the user’s app. This auto diagnostic tool can send notifications to the app on the car driver’s phone when there are a few issues. It notifies the consequences of driving with a specific issue, recommends stopping the vehicle to prevent it from getting damaged and the estimated cost to fix the issue. The review also highlights the negative aspects of Fixd like it cannot help when the lights of ABS or TPMS pops up.


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