LifeBattery AIR, a new, comprehensive portable charging solution inspired by and developed exclusively for Apple-related products, officially launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for sharing information and garnering communal support to make the new product a widespread reality.


Designed and developed specifically for MacBook and Apple product users today, the LifeBattery AIR matches the overall aesthetic and coloring of Apple products today, providing a sleek, elegantly curved look that will complement any MacBook product.

“This is an Apple-centric charging product that looks like it was made by Apple themselves,” said David Lee, Marketing Manager for LifeBattery AIR. “Instead of running all over the place, struggling to find a power source today, users can simply bring the LifeBattery AIR with them anywhere and plug-in for a dependent and reliant battery source.”

The LifeBattery AIR is a flat-surfaced charging center with all power output ports on the top of the product. As a result, while charging, the product batteries can stay flat, removing any chance of the “battery being lifted” while the process is ongoing. The battery charger can charge MacBook Airs up to 68-hours, MacBook Pro Touch Bars up to 63-hours, iPad Pros up to 38-hours, iPhone 7 up to 295-hours, iPhone 7+ up to 135-hours, iPhone 6 up to 360-hours, and the Apple Watch Series up to 1,960-hours.

The LifeBattery AIR comes in the four beautiful, classic MacBook colors: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Space Gray. The product’s delicate charging performance that utilizes Pure Sine Wave systems naturally produces clean electricity to the Apple devices without forcing over Apple’s technological limit automatically.

“A lot of Apple product users are afraid of outside products that may wear down the integrity of their battery,” said Lee. “With our exquisite electrical wave flows, we ensure a safe environment that will keep all products optimized and ready-to-go. Spread the word on the official rollout of our IndieGoGo campaign, and head on over today to check out our LifeBattery AIR video for viewing the product in action.”

At just 1-inch thick and a little over 1.5-pounds, the LifeBattery AIR is the perfect portable product for any on-the-go individual.

FLiFLi, the technological startup behind the new charging product, was founded during the summer of 2016. They have been working to perfect the charger design, reformulating their product to match the 2017 MacBook colors.

The IndieGoGo campaign officially went live on July 17, 2017. The first shipment to Early Bird backers will go out November 2017.

To view the crowdfunding campaign, visit:

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