First-time Author Shows Unconditional Love to Her Mother in Poignant Memoir

Unravel the journey tested by time, medical challenge, and commitment for the love of her mother

Victor Hugo once said, “A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.” Parents, especially the mothers, are original caregivers and nurturers. What if one day they are the ones who need to be attended to due to some circumstances, will their children reciprocate the act of unconditional love and forge a lifelong connection?

Linda Darlene Marie Sharpe shares her first nonfiction book, The Journey of Two Souls, as a tribute to her mother whom she undoubtedly showers the true definition of a mother-daughter relationship. She says, “As a family, we had a strong relationship and it worked for us. I felt God put me here for a purpose, and at this time, it was to be a caregiver.” Linda shows how she cared for her ailing mother before she passed away at age 100.

Well-received by critics for her honest and detailed recount, the US Review of Books says, “The author has composed these personal memories in simple terms, sharing a story that seems more and more common to us all and is important for that reason. The Journey of Two Souls can serve as a helpful guide for anyone facing the protracted illness of a loved one.”

Pacific Book Review compliments her writing style, “Peppered with Bible prayers and poetry, Sharpe’s writing is very candid, revealing her core values of family, faith and love. The reader will instantly come to respect the author’s dedication to the mission bestowed upon her.”

With some parents struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s and the like, this book offers practical and useful tips coming from someone who has had a practical experience. The Journey of Two Souls is an inspirational, compelling and moving journey of faith and hope that solidifies the testament of undying love.

Linda Darlene Marie Sharpe 

The Journey of Two Souls

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About the Author

I am a first-time author of a book. I have written articles in journals and newsletters. I have given countless lectures and have done a lot of program development.

I have multiple interests, such as gardening, reading, traveling, and having small dinner parties. I am a singer/cantor (We Are Called) and a tour guide for my sassy seniors group. I worked for thirty-six years in the medical field as a metabolic support dietitian.

Six years ago, I retired and became my mother’s caregiver. After she passed away at the age of one hundred, I felt compelled to share our story about our change in relationship from mother-daughter to patient-caregiver.

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