EMMA Stands Out as The Best Solution to Debt in Leicester

Leicester, Leistershire – Being in debt can cause one’s life to be stressful and scary. Many people live their entire lives in debt and living with money problems and do not know anyway to get out of this debt. Fortunately, East Midlands Money Advice is the money advice service that is providing funding for EMMA partners. They are here to deliver debt advice services to members of the public. They are helping people who are facing debt change their lives.

East Midlands Money Advice is here to teach these individuals and families what they can do with their money and their debt thought their money advice training and debt advice service. They will offer many ways to gain control of the money problems consuming their client’s lives, offering online support and resources, telephone advice services, and face-to-face advice services.

Debt is a major problem for a large group of people. In a recent research study, it calculated that there are 589, 926 individuals that are in debt across the East Midlands. All of these individuals are, or were, facing some style of money problems and only nineteen percent of them accessed these styles of debt advice services.

Common debts that people are facing can range from student loans, credit card debts, mortgage debt, vehicle loans, unpaid tax debt and personal loans. East Midlands Money Advice can help people make the right decisions whether it is budgeting or education programs dealing with money management. They are here to help everyone in the Leicester area make the right decisions with their money, to help reduce the total amount of people that are in debt.

EMMA is the newest community project from the community advice and law service. They are here to help individuals and families get out of their debt. This company is here to make sure that the people in the area know that services like them are around to help consumers with their debt. The more people that know about services at East Midlands Money the fewer people will be affected by crippling debt.

If there are individuals in the East Midlands that are facing debt or money problems, they are encouraged to contact East Midlands Money Adviceas this company has distinguished themselves as the best solution to debt in Leicester.

Media Contact
Company Name: EMMA
Contact Person: Kathryn Burgess
Email: Kathryn.Burgess@cals.uk.net
City: Leicester
State: Leistershire LE1 3SH
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://emma.uk.net/