This Nursing Education Service Gives Clients Double Their Money Back If They Don’t Become RNs

Robbie Wolff offers a double money back guarantee if their students don’t pass the CPNE.
Robs Review is a CPNE preparatory service that provides a repeatable, successful review program for nursing students. The company is so confident that a student will be able to pass the CPNE after going through their program that it now offers double their money back.

By Zoey Thompson

Las Vegas, NV – The Clinical Performance Nursing Exam or “CPNE” is the largest nation-wide, educational program for medical professionals who wish to obtain a Registered Nurse license. The program and test is run through Excelsior College’s nursing program and as many have learned is exceedingly difficult to pass. To make matters even worse, students are only allowed three attempts of this rigorous exam and the waiting period to take the CPNE exam is between 9 and 14 months. This causes incredible stress for students and the current first time pass rate is only at 64%. Robs Review is a CPNE mnemonic based workshop and preparatory service for nursing students that provides students not only a medical review that is tailored to the exam, but also teaches mental strength and anxiety reducing skills that will help them to overcome the pressures that so many of the test takers succumb to.
“Imagine just one exam that will make $26,000 to $34,000 a year or more difference in your salary,” says CEO Robbie Wolff. “That is a lot of emphasis to put on one test and an inordinate amount of stress. Our program is unlike other preparatory and tutoring companies out there because we acknowledge that going in and help to reduce stressors along with helping students prepare for the testing environment.”
The service offers nursing assessment workshops, Care Plan writing, and documentation basics that are the meat of the exam, while also providing the type of mental preparation that will make taking the test smooth sailing. There are online videos, practice scenarios, and even “Virtual workshops”. 
The company began the virtual workshop program in October of 2016, making it the first review program of its type in this niche of CPNE test preparation. Robs Review had been doing live CPNE workshops but discovered quickly that students were being overwhelmed by the cost of flying in, staying at a hotel, and renting cars, not to mention Rob adds “Our classes were too large to really teach effectively.”  They came up with a plan to reduce the cost and achieve the same results with a Virtual Workshop option. 
The Virtual Workshop uses todays technology to bring students and instructors together in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The company sends students a tripod for their Smartphone so that instructors can watch and evaluate the candidates perform nursing assessments and managements, lab simulations and more. The instructors will then be able to fine tune any deficiencies the students might have before the big day. Because the students are performing all these actions in the comfort of their own home, the service saves students time and travel costs that they would have spent if they had to attend a live “physical” workshop.
“We’re here to make it easier for people and that includes being respectful of their time,” says Rob. “Talk to any nursing professional and they will tell you that the RN exam is one of the most stressful of the tests that they took in their career. Like other high pressure situations we don’t always remember everything we need to, so that’s why our focus is to reduce those stressors surrounding the exam and that includes the preparation for it.”
Robs Review has hundreds of testimonials from former students who have gone through the program and passed with flying colors, something Rob says he is incredibly proud of. The company is so certain that their system works that they are willing to double the money back on the program for those who do not pass and encourages students to reach out and get help from people who have already been through the CPNE test and passed.

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