Life Insurance 2.0: Say Goodbye to Medical Exams

True Blue Life Insurance CEO Brian Greenberg puts customers first with their new “no medial exam” life insurance policy.
True Blue Life insurance is a customer first life insurance agency that provides all types of life insurance policies, from “no medical exam” to “final expense”. The company has built a new quoting comparison system that enables users to see quotes from over 60 different life insurance companies.

By Zoey Thompson

Scottsdale, AZ – Life insurance is a very popular type of insurance contract, especially in today’s rather uncertain financial world. Where stocks rise and fall, life insurance is always there to assist families in the event of a tragedy.  True Blue Life Insurance is customer first company who believes that salesmen shouldn’t have to sell. The company’s success has landed them into the “top 1%” of financial professionals worldwide and over 125 Better Business Bureau reviews.  Recently, the company launched its new quoting system that enables visitors to check prices from companies which do not require a medical exam. This was important to CEO Brian Greenberg.

“We’re living in a new world,” says Greenberg. “It’s a faster paced world, and a world where commerce is literally in the palm of our hands. People don’t have the time or even want to go get a medical exam before buying insurance. We’ve listened to our customers and site visitors and now incorporate the ‘no medical exam’ requirement into our quoting system.”

Greenberg started his financial career at MetLife where he says that he learned the basics of insurance and financial management. His experience with technology and belief that there was a better way to provide customers with what they needed led him to leave the company and create his own life insurance firm. True Blue Insurance was started in 2003 and quickly set itself apart from other life insurance companies on the web with its easy-to-use life insurance quoting system and underwriting service. By 2013 Greenberg was accepted into the Million Dollar Round Table, a distinction awarded to the top 1% of financial professionals.

“I have a book coming out in September that’s called ‘The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell’ and it basically outlines my observations about today’s customers and what they want. They want fast, they want no hassle, and they want it now. We’re all Veruca Salt today,” he jokes. “We created a system that basically takes all the work out of their hands. We have agents acting as personal shoppers that take the criteria and get people set up with life insurance the same day.”

Greenberg explained that since they launched their quoting system, ninety-five percent of their customers select the “no medical exam” term life insurance products. This has led him to seek associations with companies that are reputable and do not require a medical exam. His stated goal for the company is to provide clients with insurance that they can actually use and to do so with honesty and expediency. He explained that many financial planning companies do not offer real insurance brokers but hire low wage call center employees that don’t know the first thing about the products they are selling. This was a problem with the industry and why it hasn’t always had the best reputation in recent years, something he wants to improve.

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